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Practical Gift Ideas to Get Your Teen Outdoors More

Trying to find the perfect gift for a young adult? Maybe your own outdoors kid has grown up too fast and is suddenly an independent, outdoors adult. Or maybe you’re trying to find something fun and active for your niece, nephew, cousin or your best friend’s child, the one who has always been family to you. Here are some ideas to keep the young adults in your life-think college age to early twenties-having fun outside, all in ways that don’t require them to invest in costly gear or passes.


Gifts For People Who Love Winter


They can start snowshoeing the day after they open these. Versatile, simple and fun, snowshoes will help them explore the outdoors for years to come.

A Sled or Snow Tube

Who doesn’t want to hit the sledding hill with their best friends?

Passes For The Ski or Snowboarding Hill

While there are special rates for college students, lift tickets or a season’s pass can be expensive for a newly working young adult. If the young adult in your life skis or snowboards, buy them lift tickets to their favorite local mountain.

Tickets To Go Tubing

Much like sledding, who wouldn’t want to go tubing with friends??

Snow Boots

Yes, these sound simple. But warm snow boots allow for winter hikes, walks in the woods and can also be used to get to class or work during a snowy winter.

Snow Ball Makers or a Snow Fort/Igloo Building Pack

Both my son (not quite a young adult) and husband (a bit past a young adult) told me this would be “the best thing ever!” So, if your young adult loves the snow and loves to build or loves a good snowball fight, this could be the gift for them.


Gifts For People Who Love Summer

A White Water Rafting Trip

Single day rafting trips with a guide can introduce your young adult to a new sport, and add some fun and adrenaline to their weekend.

A Float Trip (Tubing Trip)

Not quite adventurous enough for rafting? Try a flat-water float, either in a raft or a tube. This can be great for groups that vary in age or risk tolerance.

A Backpack

The staple of hikers everywhere, a good daypack can be used for years to come.

An Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

A great way to get out on flat water, inflatable SUPs are lighter and easier to transport. They also surprisingly stable on the water.

An Outdoor Excursion

Do you know their favorite activity? Find a guided mountain bike trip, hike, trail ride or SUP yoga class. Send them out to enjoy a day of activity, challenge and growth.

Toys For The Outdoor

Like the guided excursion, only you know what your young adult will love. Remember that games are fun for all ages. Consider water guns (squirt guns), skateboards or technical tools like a multi-tool or compass.



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