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Yoga With Babies: 10 Inspirational Moms Who Don’t Let Their Little Ones Stop Them

Passionate about yoga and love a good stretching session? An infant in the house doesn’t have to slow you down! Here are 10 moms who bring their little monkeys on for the asana.


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@aliwaterfalls is a yoga instructor and mother of three from Humboldt, CA. After more than 15 years of training, her light-hearted approach radiates from the colorful photos of her practice. is a yoga instructor who promotes poses for all mommies, no matter where they are on their journey: prenatal, postnatal, and yoga with kids.


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@lolitabalcarce, based in Argentina, is all gentle mother in her poses, inviting her little one to watch or to join in the fun!


@blooming_elody, based in Miami, is a self-taught yoga practitioner. She practices even on those long days when your baby wants to be held all day.


Mother of two, @onmywaytonamaste frequently hits the outdoors with her two sons. She’s not afraid to lay out the challenges of balancing yoga and motherhood for readers.



With love from Oslo ❤️🇳🇴

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@lizzytomber is an acrobat traveling the world with her husband and son. They’re expecting a new addition to the troop in February 2018!


@toonieyoga is a yoga enthusiast who sometimes takes her little one on for the ride. Her poses and her all-encompassing love for her children inspire.



@michelle_yoga_teacher is a passionate yoga teacher in Montpellier, France. Her creative poses with her son amid old ruins are breath-taking!



@geeoice_yoga has not one, not two, but three little monkeys who love climbing all over her downward-facing dog.


@kristinmcgee’s little one is always game to snuggle up with her during her poses. A yoga, pilates and fitness pro, she simply straps him in her baby sling and she’s good to go.


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