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Why We Love Santorini

In lieu of a post about our time on the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece, I made this short video of time lapses recorded around the island — I always do the photography but this is the first time that I did all the editing, with my husband standing over my shoulder saying things like, “click that, no not that, do that thing, with the thing, oh god, just let me.. wait, there, yes. Okay, yeah that.” (If you can’t view the video below, see it on youtube):


Let me know what you think! Should we do more videos like this?


I also wanted to write a quick note thanking everyone for the amazing support and emails I’ve received about last week’s post. I was a bit nervous to post it, I suppose there’s a certain fear that I’ll forever be viewed through the lens of what I’ve experienced. Instead, I received these beautiful, moving responses, and it was such a gift. So, thank you. It’s been one of my most positive experiences as a writer. That’s no small thing.

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”



  • Yes! Please keep making more beautiful videos like this. Reminded me why Santorini is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever visited. Wish I could go back soon!

  • Santorini is one of my favorite places in the world! Great video and I’d love to see more like this as I work on editing my first time lapse video from Medellin. Did you use still frame photos or video on this? Final Cut? Anyway, great stuff and you got my vote! All the best.

  • Yes, I could quite happily watch stuff like this all day and i havent even been there! A friend recommended this one to me earlier which you might like too,

    So yes, keep travelling and keep taking those great pics/ vids (and the writing isn’t bad either!)

  • Absolutely FABULOUS video! Amazing how you can capture the feel of a place in but a minute and a half!

    As I’m lately threatening to try my own hand at video, would love to hear the techno details of how you did it.

  • @Gareth and @Dyanne

    I used my Canon 7D which is a dSLR and I shot it on two different lenses, a 24-70 mm zoom and a 14 mm ultra wide. We used the video aspect of the camera. Set it up on a tripod and let it run in 10 min chunks (the limit is 4 GB per clip, so you can’t record much more than that or it auto stops) for some of the clips I just did a few minutes, others are 30-40 minutes long. Then we imported everything into Adobe After Effects and I fixed the exposure/hue/contrast/etc then exported, and imported into Final Cut Pro and sped up the time of the clips individually and added the music and transitions between clips. Took about three full days of my time. There are probably easier ways but that’s our process!

  • Definitely keep doing the time-lapse videos – this is great. I especially like the shot of Thira (I think it’s Thira?)from above with the clouds passing over.
    Voted and facebooked 🙂

  • voted ! but saw that you were no1 anyway!
    yes! do more vidios like that! 20 sec of that made me really feel i want to go there for a vacation …. i reeeeeealy want!

  • Voted. Loved the video but missed the post. I salute you for last week’s…very cathartic and I know it took much strength. You are better for it!


  • I looooove the video!! Thank-you! I also wanted to tell you that your last post on fear was amazing. It was so intimate. Painful and yet hopeful! I am not a writer so I don’t know really how to describe it, but it was great! Thank-you for sharing your life with us!

  • I really liked the time lapse video–my favorite clip was of the field of flowers, that is such a great specific detail to evoke for Santorini! I have dipped my toe into making videos, but it’s such an all-consuming activity that I haven’t tried any big projects yet.

  • congratulations for the video!

    hello! I’m an Italian boy who loves to travel. I lived in Greece and I visited Santorini. It is a beautiful island.

    In Greece there are many beautiful islands and little known by tourists. Next time I suggest you visit the islands of Skiathos and Evia. In these islands you will find the true people greek!

    a hug
    Riccardo Agostini per EmozioneAvventura

  • Loved this video! Great way to experience the area when we can’t actually be there! Better than a lot of lame commentary travel videos you find as well. Well done!

  • Two thumbs up for you! so cool!I specially love the video. The music is so perfect to the video, and the place is just awesome!

  • too awesome! this just made my heart beat faster! Fabulous post, it made me want to just live there!

  • I do wish and pray that before I will get arthritis and rheumatism I can travel to this place. Such a lovely place and a well worked video, It entices everybody

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