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What to Do if Skype is Blocked Where You Travel (and Why We Should Care)


I was testing my new iPhone Skype set up in Belize.   It wouldn’t connect.  I was connected to the internet via a wireless connection.  I had Skype installed and it worked back home.  But every time I tried to log in, it would simply hang.  Nothing.

In Belize, Skype is blocked.

I quickly found out that the entire country of Belize uses a single carrier for internet service, Belize Telecommunications (BTL).  And BTL, seemingly in a desire to force people to use their long distance services has blocked Skype (and other VOIP programs).

I think there’s a comfort in thinking that these kinds of things only happen in faraway places like China or North Korea.  But the scariest part?  It’s becoming more common.  There were some cases of individual internet providers in the US blocking Skype, and until October of this year, AT&T didn’t allow iPhone users to access Skype either.  A NY Times piece about allowing wifi access on planes suggested Skype access could be blocked.

As travelers, the ability to connect back home is part of what makes travel possible for many people.  Sure you can buy a new cell phone in each country, but if you’re trying to run a business out of your backpack then you need a single number where you can reached.  Skype provides that service.  It scares the heck out of telecoms who can’t see any reason why everyone wouldn’t flee their expensive long distance plans and make all of their calls online.

How Do They Do That?

In all of the countries that block Skype or other online destinations, there is a manual process involved.  Usually they have a firewall that restricts specific websites or data ports.  Because all of your web traffic passes through their firewall before it reaches the outside world, it’s an effective block for anyone trying to get to a program or website directly.

How to Get Around It

The work around is connect to a VPN.  A VPN bypasses the firewall, because after you make your initial connection (which your ISP can still deny) you have formed a private tunnel between your computer and your VPN’s server.  So when you go to use Skype you’re not going through the firewall at all.  You can basically do whatever you’d like.

The big caveat is that part about “after the initial connection”.  Certain free VPNs have become so popular that they too have been blocked.  And if you can’t connect, you can’t make the private tunnel, and you’re still stuck behind the firewall.  To work around this, certain VPNs will change their IP address (the number that identifies them) and it creates a cat and mouse game of how fast they can change verses how fast the telecom can block it.  Sometimes you’ll have a VPN that works for a year, or a month, or just a few days.  The telecoms can’t keep up, and that’s unlikely to change.

Ways to Get a VPN

There are tons of websites that offer this service for free, and my best advice is to just try out a few and see if they’ll work where you are.  Things change on a daily basis, so keep switching around if you hit a roadblock.

Free VPNs

Hotspot Shield

Yupee Phone

Log Mein


Open VPN


Voip Sol

Subscription VPNs

VPN Accounts

Banana VPN

Pro VPN Accounts

Countries that block Skype

This list is compiled from several reports and may include a single carrier, a government based block or a limited to a certain service area. If you have updates or additions to the list, let me know. I’m sure this list will be outdated before it’s even posted, but I’d like to try to keep it as fresh as possible.

  1. Anguilla (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  2. Antigua and Barbuda (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  3. Bahrain*
  4. Barbados (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  5. British Virgin Islands (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  6. Belize
  7. Brazil (blocked by Brasil Telecom)
  8. Cayman Islands (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  9. Cuba
  10. Dominica (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  11. Germany (blocked by T Mobile)
  12. Grenada (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  13. Guyana
  14. Jamaica (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  15. Kuwait (blocked by Qualitynet)*
  16. Montserrat (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  17. Myanmar
  18. North Korea
  19. Oman (blocked by Omantel)*
  20. Pakistan (blocked by Cybernet, PCCW, PTA, PIE, Flag Telecom)
  21. Paraguay
  22. Qatar (blocked by Qtel)*
  23. Saint Lucia (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  24. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  25. Singapore (blocked by Singtel)
  26. St. Kitts and Nevis (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  27. Syria
  28. Trinidad and Tobago (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  29. Turks and Caicos (blocked by Cable & Wireless, aka LIME)
  30. UAE, Dubai (blocked by Etisalat)*

*May allow computer-to-computer calls (unconfirmed by specific telecom).

Places to Watch

India (Intelligence officials asked the government to block Skype 10/2009)

Why We Should Care

It’s a dangerous precedence.  It’s about money, which a powerful motivator.  If other countries see that the attempts by telecoms to restrict access to VOIP services like Skype massively backfires when they are unable to stem the flow of traffic via VPNs, then that’s a good thing.  As I was researching this article, I found people aren’t talking about this.  Even at they only acknowledge that UAE has a block on their service.  It’s the quiet the scares me.

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Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”



  • Gary: Thanks, I’ll put a note that computer to computer may be allowed in some situations (although you didn’t mention specific carriers, which I wouldn’t expect you to know, but there may be cases of one carrier blocking and another not– for instance anyone on a satellite internet connection usually doesn’t have the same issues).

  • Hi, I live in MX and use Telmex for internet. I don’t use Skype but I do use MagicJack which is also VOIP and it works very well. I’m pretty sure my friends use Skype without problems.

    What I’ve used Hotspot Shield for is to try and connect to network and movie sites in the US that block access from other countries. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    My son has offered to set up a VPN on his server in Calif for me. That could also be an option apparently although the technology of it is over my head.

  • Jonna,

    Thanks for the info! Before I change the list though, I need confirmation that it’s definitely work… I’m sure you understand… I just looked up that telecom and all I can find is info about Skype being blocked, nothing about that being lifted. If you have confirmed information, please let me know!

    I know things change all the time, so it does help to get feedback.


  • Thanks for this Christine. This is one very helpful article. My friends are going to Thailand early next year and I’ll let you know then if Skype is also blocked there. 🙂
    Btw, re-tweeted and stumbled this, too. ^_^
    .-= mauie´s last blog ..Devouring =-.

  • I’ve used Skype from Egypt in 2007 and again in Aug-Sept 2009, both computer-computer and using SkypeOut.

    Also used it in Syria (May-June 2009) same as above, though through a proxy server. Internet cafe manager automatically set it up for me the moment I walked in so no issues at all.
    .-= Francoise´s last blog ..cultoftravel: @almostfearless I used Skype in Syria (May-June 2009) & Egypt (2007 & Aug-Sep 2009). Though in Syria had to go through proxy server. =-.

  • Hi, I just stumbled on your site. My husband just quit his consulting job (in Singapore) so we can do what you’ve been writing about – your posts are thought-provoking, thank you for posting them!

    Regarding Skype access in Singapore, I use Skype all the time and have never had a problem with access. We use M1 though, not SingTel, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

  • I’m an expat ESL teacher and, live in South Korea and we use skype all the time here with no problem. I even have been known to use it from my Ipod touch from a coffee house to call home. Wifi is free and plentiful here and I’ve been all over the country and never had skype blocked.

  • Christine understanding that this list of countries is a tough thing to be 100% accurate about, as you clearly mentioned, but my wife and I just finished 12 weeks traveling throughout the middle east and had no problems with Skype in Egypt and Jordan. We used Skype for computer to computer video calls as well as skype out calls to US cell and landlines. We used both our laptop and iPhone for the calls. Also mauie, we are in Thailand now and have had not problems at all with skype. As a note I did have issues connecting to YouTube when in Egypt.

    As usual thanks for the great information and resources we can use when in Singapore and China later this year.
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..A Detour Through New Jersey? Nope, it’s Just Dubai =-.

  • This info about VPNs is really invaluable for working globally. Blocks can shift so quickly that you need to have different options available to try. I just spent three months in Beijing and I had no problems with Skype, either computer-to-computer or SkypeOut calls. But YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and Facebook were all blocked, as well as any blog with a,, or address.

    We had some success with Hotspot Shield at first, but then it got blocked. We had better luck with Ultrasurf. Social get-togethers in Beijing often turned to discussion of which proxies were working for what. We also had an SSH tunnel to our router back home in Canada (Linksys running Tomato firmware) that let us surf securely, access our home computers, and back up photos and data.

    It’s also good to get the word out to folks creating content in the US that it may not be accessible elsewhere. A good reason for getting your own direct URL, for example, rather than using a hosted address.
    .-= Alison Gresik´s last blog ..Dailyness =-.

  • Skpye isn’t blocked in China, we use it almost daily for calls. The only place that we’ve had an issue would be the Xinjiang province – but there basically the whole internet has been shut down. There are lots of other items blocked in China, but we’ve never had a problem with Skype. There was an issue with the Chinese version, which is licensed through over here, where they were illegally recording conversations and information, but if you had the original installed you were fine…

  • Yeah, Mark is right. Skype is currently not blocked here in China for calls or computer to computer. Like he said, in the Northwestern province of Xinjiang nearly all websites are blocked, because of riots. Besides that, it seems to be working. However, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and several other social media sites are still blocked. For those I use a VPN.
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..Why You Should Make Your Life Remarkable. =-.

  • Francoise: Thanks! Updated Egypt, leaving Syria as is, because a proxy server indicates that you are not able to access it directly, you’re basically getting around the firewall but it’s being done for you at the internet cafe.

    Kathy: Thanks! Took South Korea off the list. Glad to hear it works.

    Keith: Thanks! Removed Jordon & Egypt

    Alison & Mark: Thanks for the info on China. Updated the list. I think there is still some issues… because I’m seeing third party reports as late as Dec 7th of this year, but maybe that’s with the Tom-Skype version. But I’ll take your word and until I get a confirmed report otherwise, I’ll leave it off.

  • Gordie: I’m confused… that’s what I had, “China blocks Skype except calls from computer to computer”. Are you saying Skype to landline doesn’t work– because then they should go back on the list!

    Johnny Jet: Good point! I know individual free wifi hotspots will block it, too.

    RE: the list, still updating… just broke out the Caribbean into individual countries, to make it easier to see. I know that all of the original listings at one point had skype blocked, but things change so fast. I have reports of Colombia, New Zealand and Panama as having some or partial blocks but can’t confirm.

    Thanks everyone!

  • I checked with my Skyping friends and it works fine here in Mérida, MX over Telmex. Both the free computer to computer and Skype Out. They’ve used it in other cities here when traveling so I’d say take Mexico off the list.

  • Jonna: Thanks so much or taking the time to confirm that for the list. Removed Mexico.

    What will be nice is to have a completely clean list. I know someone put one together a few years ago but it’s been a while…

  • Hey Christine,

    I don’t understand why Germany is on your list. Skype works fine here. Nothing blocked. May be if you use an iphone – I can’t tell as I have none. But from computer to computer or computer to landmine works fine!


  • I’m quoting the article, not at you, Kerrin, but because there have been several questions about this:

    “This list is compiled from several reports and may include a single carrier, a government based block or a limited to a certain service area.”

    In the case of Germany it’s limited to a certain carrier, in this case T Mobile. If you’re not a T Mobile customer, it’s probably fine!

    Obviously I need to reword that to make it more clear, but I’ll tackle that tomorrow.
    .-= Christine Gilbert´s last blog ..What to Do if Skype is Blocked Where You Travel (and Why We Should Care) =-.

  • Great resource for workarounds re: Skype. I wonder if you can use these VPN on aircraft with wi-fi to get around their VOIP blocks? Inquiring minds want to know.

    And thanks, Johnny Jet, for the cruise ship update. FYI, when I bump into my cruise industry friends at the airport lounge–they’re all using VPN. Hmmm!
    .-= Scott McMurren´s last blog ..Era’s web specials good through 1/4/2010 =-.

  • Hah, awesome picture. Thanks for being on the up and up with this technical tid bit. If anyone needs any help actually getting a VPN to work, which is much easier to talk about and much harder to actually do…they can feel free to shoot me a message at, glad to do it for free. Thanks Christine
    .-= Robert´s last blog ..Creating Income | Busting Barriers & Mock Testing =-.

  • I really like FreeVPN for Windows (too bad there’s no Mac version). Probably the most reliable way to go though is to setup 1 or 2 of your own VPN.

    Another solution is to change the default Skype port to the common Internet ones. I’d try 443 first, then 80. This can be done by going into Skype > Preferences > Advanced options. It may not work but is worth a shot, most firewalls will give 443 (especially) a free pass.
    .-= Anil´s last blog ..The Cheesiest Travel Photo Contest Part 2 – Entry #9 =-.

  • Just a tip…you should be able use Skype through our web-based service at You can use Sype when it’s blocked and you don’t have to download the Skype software so you can use it on nearly any computer.

  • Wow, Christine! Great information here.

    Obviously, I don’t expect you to keep this list up to date for life as it’s clearly something that changes probably everyday. But I honestly had no idea there were restrictions at all! As someone who is planning on using Skype as my main form of communication (using a slick and complicated web of Google Voice and a Skype #) while traveling for the next year, at least, I will need to pay much closer attention to this whole situation. Thanks!
    .-= Abbey Hesser´s last blog ..A Long Day on the Road =-.

  • This is scary indeed. Skype is what allows people to keep in touch and to stay safe. I remember when I was in Egypt, I needed to call home immediately and was only able to do so because the internet cafe that I was at, allowed Skype. It would be horrible if they blocked it further.

    Also, I was wondering if this is how the BBC blocks people outside of the UK from accessing its web media. Would I be able to access it if I tried the VPN route? Just curious.
    .-= Marina´s last blog ..To laugh at gilded butterflies (by rina) =-.

  • @mauie 12/16/09 Re Thailand: An acquaintance of mine is traveling in Thailand right now and she appeared on my Skype as being online just yesterday evening. So I suppose at least computer to computer works there. No idea, though, about mobile carriers.

  • Here in Oaxaca, Mexico, TelCel, a mobile broadband provider, is blocking Skype. This is a problem as folks who have our Skype-in number are leaving messages which cannot be retrieved. Some of these are businesses or organizations whose phone numbers do not show up, making it impossible to hear the message or return the call.

  • thanks for sharing…
    i haven’t tried using skype whenever i traveled, i usually use my phone on roaming (which i realized is really costly)

    btw, merry christmas to you and to your family
    .-= flip´s last blog ..Christmas in the Philippines =-.

  • merry Christmas to you all

    i did not use sky-be before only in few time using pc to pc and it was not very good

  • Very nice post, sorry to see we were not included in the list though. has been selling VPN accounts for almost 4 years now, and we have been an Internet Service Provider since 1995. I would like to caution your readers about VPN companies, as some of them are not established and are dangerous to buy the accounts through.

    Keep in mind the following when buying a VPN account:

    Your personal details will be used when ordering and your credit card. Buy from a established company to reduce the risk of identity fraud.

    Get a VPN account from a provider that can get you the particular country IP you want, from the closest location. For example if you are in China, and want a VPN account in the USA, you should get a VPN server in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

    See if the provider has a speed test on their site so you can test the speed of the connection before you purchase. Make sure they also have a money back guarantee.

    VPN’s can be somewhat technical. You might need to reconfigure your firewall for them to work. If at first it does not work, don’t give up. It’s common and technical support can help fix the issue.

    Many customers coming to us need Live Help, which we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure if you purchase a VPN account from a company you can reach easily for assistance.

    VPN’s are not just for unblocking Skype either. If you are a traveler and you connect at hot spots, you really need to use one. There are many levels of danger at public internet hot spots, such as “middle of the man” and “packet sniffing attacks”. Google those for more information, but just know this it’s very easy now to download simple software and view what others are doing at a public hot spot location.

    There is one more correction to the post I’d like to add, the “” link is not a Free VPN provider, they are a OpenSource software development company that has developed a Mac and PC client for SSL OpenVPN connections. We use this type of account and PPTP accounts, more info on what those are and how they setup here:

    Good luck out there and safe surfing.

  • While I’m sure the country list will change from year to year, I can understand the logic behind blocking a service such as Skype. It seems as though there is a strong market for international calls and probably a lot of money to be made. I do agree that it is scary to have such communication limitations, but at least there are alternative options. I suppose I would be even more scared if contacting home wasn’t possible at all.

    Thanks for the great post!
    .-= Lindsey´s last blog ..Christmas in D.C. =-.

  • Bugger – just when I think I connected the dots in the skype world, I have to get at it again 😉 Thank you so much Christine for all that work you’ve done. At least now I know what I have to look for

    I wish you a babylicious 2010!
    .-= Fida´s last blog ..What’s cookin’ on Christmas? =-.

  • So useful! Thanks for all the info — we were in China for a month and battling to get through all sorts of bans, like twitter and blogspot. Everyday things would change, sometimes working, sometimes not.
    .-= Eva & Jeremy Rees´s last blog ..Culture Vulture =-.

  • Hey Christine!,

    It’s been a while! Thanks for the great post. Very interesting as I plan on using skype through out my RTW trip starting June 2010. I probably won’t be visiting any of the countries listed above, but you never know when that list will change! It’s really too bad. Greed is slowly but surely changing life as we know it.

    Talk soon,

    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..Vaccinated! =-.

  • Excellent article, Christine! Thanks for doing the homework- I’ll try to be more aware of this in the future. For now, I’m glad it doesn’t affect my year abroad in South Korea. Whew.. by a nose hair!
    .-= GRRRL TRAVELER´s last blog ..Holidays in Hawaii and State-wide fireworks =-.

  • I think people aren’t talking about it for two reasons:

    1) In many cases it’s old news. For example the Skype website has been blocked for many years in the UAE and the use of Skype (if you already had it loaded) has been blocked since 2006. There was a huge uproar at the time, but now people just accept it as an inconvenience and quietly use VPNs.

    2) Talking about workarounds on the internet only results in the blocking of VPN websites by the countries listed. Those who live in the those countries now share this information privately.
    .-= Judy´s last blog ..What I’ve learned about Living Space =-.

  • I am currently in Mexico using two types of TELCEL internet services, one is the contract type and the other one is not. the one with contract works fine but the one that it is not under plan (Amigo) it is not, drop the connection as soon I tryied co nnect to the Messenger or the Skype. I have not tried the other like Yahoo, etc, etc. since also they are like a different option to do calls between PC’s or PC-Tel or Tel – PC.

  • I live in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. I use Skype everyday, I have LIME, cable and wireless through a landline. I’ve never had issues with Skype not working. I use chat, video and whatever. It all works. LIME is the best wireless service in Cayman. Although they still lack in many areas.

  • Leonel – What do you mean when you say that you are using TelCel for internet service both with and without a plan? Here in Oaxaca, TelCel 3G (broadband service) is only sold with an 18 month contract, for about $MXN 449/mo. This is the plan that I have and it does not work with Skype. It used to but I suspect that TelCel is preventing it from working as they are a telephone company. Yahoo phone out works pretty well much of the time.

  • They definately block skype in the UK. T-mobile blocks skype. Unfortunatley the skype application itself is reluctant to use SOCKS as a way of channelling traffic. So if you set up to communicate with Skype via proxy servers the skype app will still want to use https to resolve an ip address this maybe picked up by T-mobile, Certainly they can filter voip packets and set up a firewall to drop those packets. If those data packets don’t go via the proxies immediately DNS resolution via ip address by the Skype app will be picked up by whatever filter T-mobile has setup on its routers. Usually i will get 8 seconds of good bandwidth and then the download side drops to virtually zero packets. the upload side is not too bad. Interestingly enough t-mobile seem to do the reverse to Skype in IMO.IM. They obviously cannot drop http port 80 traffic, which IMO.IM uses, or else that would mean blocking my entire web browsing. Instead they block the uploading of voice data from my pc to Skype!! Clever but pretty obvious thing to do. Everything else on the upload on the Internet works fine but as soon as I use Skype on https://IMO.IM they drop the send packets. When i monitor the bandwidth using the upload is healthy. Is this conincidental? VPNs are the way to go. I thought the Internet meant freedom of communication but these phone companies are restricting our access to things like Skype, MSN etc and the government are doing nothing about it.

  • I have travelled to Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Cayman, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and live in the British Virgin Islands and LIME do not block Skype in any of these locations. In addition I do not believe that they block in any of the other Caribbean islands that you list. I even use Skype over my data connection on the wireless service that they provide.

  • I was in Belize during long time and it was horrible for making calls. Skype was blocked all the time while I was there. I dont understand that. why? they shouldnt ban such a big company like skype.

  • I’m surprised China is not on that list. Another country that should get a gold medal in internet filtering is Tunisia. They recently blocked skype and various other VOIP services.

  • I think its also blocked in ethiopia if im correct…lately I have been trying to call there from the US, and it tells me the destination is blocked…thank you for the information, now i know why i cant reach my call there…

  • Skype is blocked in Bahrain, Iran, Oman UAE. Unfortunately, I frequently travel to these places…. October 2010!

  • LOLLOLLOL………….Skype IS NOT blocked in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me and all my friends use it and were ALL in the UK

  • Oh and may i add that 3 of my friends are with T-MOBILE and can use skype with no problems, lol…… i have no idear what planet Ganz is on cos it aint this 1.

  • Im tryin to find a way around getting through to ethiopia but the government their is bulshit no skype that sucks dude. I wonder why they wont let us call our wifes and kids thats a freakin bummer dude. Is their a way around all this…please let me know.

  • I think that the main reason for blocking apart from money, is the inability of the government to listen to the calls. The US and perhaps other countries have the ability to listen to Skype’s encrypted calls.
    It is not clear if the list you provide is referring to internet over mobile or pure internet.

  • Hi, I live in Belize and many years ago VOIP was possible using services like – Skype, Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc. etc. But one day the local (sole) telecommunication company decided to block all VOIP calls. Eventually, even using a VPN service did not work after a while, which was also blocked. Some individuals actually took the phone company to court to challenge the legality of blocking VOIP. The ruling went against the phone company and was ordered to unblock all firewalls and to permit VOIP. But still this did not stop the company from blocking computer calls. I am not sure if calls from all VOIP providers are open, but I have been using Googletalk, which works fine for me.

    Yes, the bottom line is money. The phone company was loosing tons of income, especially overseas phone calls to countries like China,India,etc. when the public turned to VOIP calls.

    Does this system or method of doing business (which was supported and granted by the Gov’t) because of the population size or just greed?

    I do not know if outsiders are aware the local phone calls are still being charged by the minutes, which can vary according to the distance of the various districts within the country. Cell phone calls is still a very very profitible income for the phone companies (two) in Belize

  • Yes Skype is blocked in Belize by the main ISP (Belize Telemedia Limited). They suck!!

  • I live in Belize now and have no issues with using Skype. I can recieve and make calls as well as use the chat capability.

    Also cell phone calls are expensive .85 BZE/minute (45 cents US). he government monopoly.

    Internet is super expensive (read: $250 US/month for 2M). Ridiculous.

  • hi, i came to oman in this month from sudan , call to sudan is more expensive and i try use skype but its block i try open it by several programe one of them is hostpot shield but also closed by omantel . its very bad.

  • My wife lives in the Cayman Islands where I was living as well. We had been using Skype to keep us connected because the phone service is atrociously expensive. The country is incredibly frustrating to live in as people sell their souls for a dollar.
    All venting aside it has become heartbreaking to discover they recently blocked skype in the country killing the only real video connection we had. That action created a hardship for us,,,ugg greedy companies.

    Cab anyone tell me which VPN seems to work the best and would my wife need to do anything special to connect once its installed?

    Will skype automatically find that tunner?

    Please help us with this..
    Thanks very much

    I understand the

  • fyi, China is currently blocking or making calls fail from Skype to landline – as of Oct. 17, 2012 – sucks!

  • Is it possible to download these VPN services once you are in the country where Skype is blocked? I will be going to Oman next week and would like to use Skype while I am there. Any recommendations for VPN service for an Iphone? Thanks a lot. Carsten

    • Skype remains blocked in Gulf countries. Their telecoms authorities post a whole load of pathetic reasons why they do this but everyone knows it’s to protect their national telecom providers’ incomes. I have been using a paid VPN service called Blacklogic for several years now. As it is a corporate service it is never blocked. It’s worth it for the annual subscription as it also lets you bypass other blocked sites they don’t like and to access restricted national sites in other countries (e.g. BBCiPlayer or Hulu). The big advantage is there is no app to download – just an IP address to input into a VPN connection setup together with your subscription name and password (a one-time event). Instructions are clearly given when signing up. There are many servers (and IP addreses) in most developed countries so you can “locate” your PC in any of them. I have multiple connections to let me “be” in UK, USA, Canada etc. as I chose. Great way to watch the BBC out of the UK.

  • StrongVPN is another good paid service … especially for people in Asia. I use the cheapest one out of South Korea, and it gets me around local blocks. Skype is blocked by Korea Telecom (KT) on phones when using LTE, I hear…. not sure if VPN’s work… probably do. I have no issues on SK Telecom with either on Skype.

  • Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my audience would value your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  • Even the UK blocks Skype on some networks. Orange/T-Mobile (EE) for example block it on 3G (and I’d assume 4G).

  • Skype is rightly so important need of current era as above mentioned. Unfortunately there are few countries who have some other opinion about Skype. Apart of above mentioned VPN services i would also like to share few other top VPN services specifically for skype. They will let you to access Skype from any part of the world without any hurdle. Source:

  • Skype is blocked in Djibouti. Djibouti Telecom blocks Skype, Packet8, and lots of VPNs. Please consider listing some Mac friendly VPNs on any update

  • I have tried many ways, free and paid ways to open blocked websites, I think vpn works better than others, this is what I can recommend,try the service before you pay for it!

    I ordered my account from the price is great. 1Months $3.3 , 3Months $7 and 12 Months $16

    It has free test account and you can try the service for free.

    It supports all protocols(PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), And you don’t have to buy different accounts for different devices(use 1 account to connect on your computer and your mobile at the same time)

  • Open your own VPN tunnel with the person you are trying to reach. It might be a little tricky because of the NAT from the ISP, but if you can get connected it will work.
    P.S. Antigua is not currently blocked on the PC but is being blocked on hand held devices.

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