Almost Fearless:
an adventure and travel magazine for parents
Introducing the first travel magazine and guidebook line-up for the intrepid family traveler. 
Founded by NatGeo Traveler of the Year Christine Gilbert -- after a decade of travel, three kids, raising bilingual kids abroad -- and getting fed up that despite 80% of us eventually having kids, parents and children are routinely hidden from the pages of travel magazines and guidebooks.
Monthly travel inspiration, a growing library, a massive community and thousands of like-minded families
Every month there's new content: 4 magazines/year, 8 guidebooks/year, 12 courses/year, 20 podcast episodes/year. 
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Support independent, curious, active travel and adventure for parents 
4 magazines/year (quarterly)
We load each magazine with gorgeous photography, inspiration and breathtaking stories for both world traveling parents and those who keep their adventures close to home.
Guidebooks made just for parents

(Left: Our 2018 and 2019 guidebook line-up).

What do we want as parents in our guidebooks? We want to do all the same things as our pre-child days but we just have to reverse engineer doing it with kids, often different ages and abilities. 

- How do adapt adventure travel by age/ability.

- Travel information on neighborhoods, public transportation, and ammenties to make online hotel searches a breeze.

- Outdoor adventures and cultural activities that can be adapted and enjoyed by both parents and kids.

- Big bucket list items and how to accomplish them with teens, tweens or toddlers.

- Travel information about safety, medical needs, strollers, access to baby food/formula/diapers, etc...

Our new podcast!
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We are thrilled to be able to offer what will be the first season of our podcast, given exclusively to members before the rest of the world gets to hear it. Hear us talk about the good, bad and ugly parts of being a family that adventures. Let's look at our own path towards being happier, more fulfilled parents while showing our kids the world.
A new course each month for parents and creative entrepreneurs:
Each month of your membership will bring new courses that teach skills from travel schooling to working online. Below is a partial list of the courses that we will offer to members of the hive, with more to come!

- Build a Thriving Blog
- Writing Your Memoir
- Creating Your Flexible Online Business
- Better Photography for Beginners
- Selling with Print on Demand
- Learn to Draw and Keep a Sketchbook
- Roadschooling Fundamentals
- The Traveling Family Lifestyle Reboot
- Freedom Bootcamp: How to Make an Income While Traveling
- Uplift: 12 Weeks to Massively Grow Your Online Platform
- How to Travel for Free
- Creating Digital Products
- Facebook Ads

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