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Thank you to everyone who contacted me after yesterday’s post, I’m a little shy now about what to write about… hmmm do I post that BBQ tequila-shrimp pizza recipe I’ve been sitting on all week?

Okay to break the ice, here’s Stella. I figured out today that I can post iPhone videos directly to Youtube, which is, as you can guess, not necessarily a good thing. “Look my daughter is ah-mazing! She’s, um, sitting there, but very cutely!”

This video however is my husband making Stella laugh at his very terrible (and probably incredibly offensive) British accent (and for that we’re sorry):

For what it’s worth I do feel a little better, although I know I have to keep at it. I ate so well yesterday, it was awesome. I drank 10 glasses of water. I played in the sun with my son and let him drench me with the hose (and I surprised him by jumping in the kiddie pool fully-clothed, which delighted him to no end). So life is good, even though I’ve been sort of overwhelmed with two babies.

Since this is not a real post, here’s some links for your weekend reading pleasure (these are all really good):

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Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”



  • Glad to hear that you a better day Christine. I have 4 children (all grown up now) so I can relate to that feeling of being totally overwhelmed. It usually is the little things that can make it a better day. Having coffee with a neighbor, joining a volunteer group (offered conversation with “big” people), going to the park with the kids and sitting in the sun with a good book. Just keep plugging along and know that you are not alone in this. There’s a whole world of mothers out there who understand.

  • A little backstory on that insanely dumb accent: I told Christine that Stella looked like she could be some sort of character actor from a ’60s WWII caper movie as some jolly British soldier who provides comic relief while the squad is on some adventure.

    I then tried my worst British accent as that character, which explains why I said “Let’s fight some nazis”. Which she then found amusing. Which made me keep being stupid.

    The end:)

  • The “baby blues” or it’s nasty cousin, PPD are always a big, fat, goopy slices of no-fun. Wet, uninvited blankets on the sunshine of life. *hugs*. I’m glad you have the beach near you and you are actually getting out to it.

    I still struggle – and it’s been 6 months!

  • Dude! that video totally made my day…i’m uncomfortable even writting that but it really doesn’t take much with cute babies!

  • Hi, I’m a newbie to your blog and just wanted to say, that your site and content are really interesting and honest. Keep living your dream, you are inspiring.

  • I just saw a fascinating thing on Nova about the evolution of Baby’s laughter. The theory is that laughter is something that evolved to make parents WANT to give their infants lots of attention. Because human infants are the weakest and the most needing of attention, they had to have something that would cause parents to WANT to socialize and give them attention. (And it’s not difficult to see why it is effective.)

    It also states that laughter is something that causes humans to socialize more, and in effect, procreate more. It is a theory that is believed to be one of the reasons that homo sapiens out-evolved the Neanderthal people. Absolutely fascinating.