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Want to Be Working Online in 2017? Start Here.

I mentioned the Big Launch yesterday. Well it’s here. Let me tell you more about it.

There are two things I know about working online: 1) it takes time to ramp up and 2) there’s only so many ways to do it. I’ve gotten this question nearly daily for years, and I don’t mind answering it as many times as it takes because I believe we’re in the beginning of a cultural shift where a near majority of jobs will eventually be online. But here is the truth of where we are right now: unless you have the golden ticket (aka a job that lets you work and live anywhere in the world) then there are just four main categories of options:

Freelancing, writing, coaching/consulting, and blogging/starting an online business. I group blogging and online business together because it’s really a continuum… there are blogs that make no money and businesses that run online with little social media or blog presence but most places are somewhere in between. Where does the blog begin and the business end? Right?

Anyway, that’s it. The whole secret. There’s really nothing more to it. Just do one of these things:

1. Offer your services as a freelancer (what kind of services? what can you do on a computer?)
2. Create content. I file this under writing because it’s the most common but you could really be any kind of creative – although often that crosses back into the freelancer zone, unless you manage to keep the rights, which is more rare in say, video.
3. Become a coach or a consultant, which is similar to freelancing, except it’s more client-driven and some of the challenges are a little different.
4. Become a blogger / online business owner. Master social media. Create digital products (or physical ones). Sell them online. Or work with brands, advertisers and sponsors.

Then the next question I get is this: so how do I do it?

  • How do you find clients?
  • How do self-publish books?
  • How do you become a coach?
  • How can you actually make money as a blogger?

Well, huzzah, someone already created a course (many of them, actually) that describes all of that. I write courses, I take courses, I’m a big fan of paying for knowledge because I already did it the hard way. I tried to be a freelance writer for two years. I know how to do it now, but jeez, what a massive pain and so much unnecessary heartache. In my own life, I’m completely converted. I’m taking a podcasting course right now. Yes, of course I could figure it all out on my own, but people, honestly, I have two kids, a third on the way, I just can’t even. It’s completely worth it for me to have someone who knows what the heck they are doing, walk me through the steps, help me think about strategy and support me as I get this set up (by the way, my podcast starts this winter, wee!! Sign-up here to get an email when it launches).

Maybe you’re at that point too. Where you’re just like: please, tell me how to make money online. Well it’s good timing. We’re doing a bundle of products that includes specifically courses for freelancers, coaches, bloggers and writers. It has Paul Jarvis’ (20 year creative veteran) course Creative Class. That ALONE is worth the price of admission. But we also have the LEAP guide to Freelancing. The Startup to Sold Out course on setting up your own online coaching business. It has a self-publishing course and how to get a book deal course. It will show you how to do print-on-demand or make money with Pinterest. It’s a ton of stuff.

Plus the timing is really good. Everyone is going to be rushing around on Jan 1, trying to figure out how to get their online business off the ground, and you’ll be totally set, having months to prepare and a plethora of course materials to walk you through setting it up.

Maybe you’re not ready yet… that’s okay but don’t wait. Get the bundle now and you can still use it any time over the next 365 days. The savings is huge. And after the sale ends (August 24th at midnight EST) it goes away. Poof. Gone. Believe me, it crushes me whenever someone contacts me 24 hours later and says, “wait, is it too late?” YES. Sorry. That’s the only way I could get these contributors to essentially donate their courses.

By the way, we are raising money for Room to Read with all of this! I absolutely love what they do because education can end the cycle of poverty and permanently change the lives of the children they support. As someone who has traveled to the places they work in SE Asia and elsewhere, I know it’s extremely rare for a non-profit to have the kind of success they’ve had. And it’s not a hand out, it’s a life changer. I couldn’t be more thrilled to support that mission.

Read more. The Big Launch. Just two days left!

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