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Volunteering in the Philippines for Disaster Relief

Super typhoon Haiyan: survivors walk past a ship that lies on top of damaged homes


I’ve gotten a few emails over the weekend about opportunities to volunteer in the Philippines where they pay for your room and board. I only know of one organization that does this, but I’d like to open up this post to comments from anyone who knows of other places. The organization I’m familar with is called All Hands, and they are currently taking applications for help with the earthquake in Bohol that happened on Oct 15th. They are still evaluating the situation in regards to Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda — I’m assuming at this point it’s more important to have medical teams on the ground than general volunteers — but if you’re available to travel, can take some time off and can pay for your airfare, then All Hands will provide three basic meals a day and a roof over your head. They are currently taking “interest” applications for typhoon-affected areas.

When we interviewed Kirsty from for our documentary she spoke very highly of this organization and spent a lot of time Haiti helping with the clean up work.

I know there are other organizations for volunteers out there, so please speak up if you know of one, or an organization that especially needs donations for those that can’t travel.

Our hearts are with the people of the Philippines and I’m inspired to see so many people moved to volunteer by this tragedy.

Image: The Guardian


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