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Varanasi: Holy, Filthy and Amazing

This post is part of the ongoing Sunday Travel Selection series. Every Sunday, a new travel story is featured. This month’s theme contains all photo essays that tell the story of country through it’s people. This week, Magda Biskup is our selected contributor.

A visit to Varanasi is an unforgettable experience. It is the most important pilgrimage site of the Hindus and as with many other cities in India it is an intriguing mixture of chaos, filth and beauty. Millions of pilgrims come to the ghats of Varanasi to conduct ritual bath in the holy Ganges. Old and sick come here to wait for death in one of ashrams, as Hindus believe that there is no better death than death in Varanasi.

It is an amazing experience to watch man and women, old and young, poor and wealthy stepping into the Holy River and bathing in concentration and devotion.  You can watch people along the ghats for hours.

About the author:

Magda was born in Poland 33 years ago and this is where she spent 25 first years of her life. For the last 8 years she has been trying to find the right place for herself, which took her first to Malaysia and then to Australia, where she lives at the moment. Six months ago she returned from a 20-month career break trip around Asia and South America. She is a keen photographer and you can see her travel photography on

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