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When you’re launching a magazine in 2017, a print magazine no matter, there’s always a part of your mind that worries: wait, is this really going to work?


Can we really just dream up what we’d like to see in the world and make it happen? Yes, you guys, we’re doing this.


I remember when my husband and I first started traveling and everyone said the same thing to us, practically singing, “Good for you, better enjoy it before you have kids!” Then they’d laugh like the big surprise was how much children were going to ruin everything.

Yet, it didn’t. I remember the first time I traveled with a baby. We were in Colombia and the school kids ran over to us and pointed at my son’s blue eyes. Every waitress wanted to hold the baby while we ate. Our taxi driver smiled at us and cooed at the baby. Travel changed in ways that had nothing to do with diapers or warming bottles. Traveling with children opened doors for us. It made the locals see us in a different light. I quickly learned that while there were trade-offs (less partying more napping) there were so many benefits. I could show my son the world, my travels were enriched and I got to spend long bus trips snuggling my baby and smelling the top of his head.

As a travel and adventure magazine for parents, we’re largely concerned with accessibility, budget and freedom. We want all the same travel experiences of our youth but we need to adapt. That might mean taking an easier route, planning for a stroller or bike trailer or walking short distances. It means booking hotel rooms with extra beds, a swimming pool and ideally a kitchenette. It’s going to places where your children can run wild, safely, where they can learn about local cultures, and explore with you. It means being safe but not afraid.


I keep thinking about how much Lonely Planet changed travel, I think there’s something about setting a framework for a style of travel that can open people’s eyes. Lonely Planet made travel accessible at a time when airfares were dropping and an entire generation was exploring the world for the first time. As parents, we’ve always been excluded from that world. And yet what do we do with our kids on the weekends? How do we vacation? We go out into the world. We’re out here! We’re doing it. It’s time we start writing about it.


Become a part of the movement

We need 1,000 subscribers to fund the first year and if you’re reading this, that means you. We will get there but we need every person reading this to sign up. We need the folks thinking about it to jump in. Taking action matters. We can do this but only if there’s enough of us. You know how NPR and Wikipedia have to fundraising drives? It’s like that: except we’re just giving you a $100+ of free guidebooks plus your very own beautiful quarterly magazine. 1,000 subscribers allows us to print our first four issues, pay our writers and photographers and ship them out to you. We have no staff salaries, no office, no overhead. I am writing and researching the guidebooks on my own time. Every penny of your subscription goes towards producing the magazine and hiring writers. In other words: more content for you.

Two days left!

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Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”


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