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I’m very pleased to announce that my new ebook Twitter for Travelers is available for download.

About the Ebook

As a traveler, my tweets are often aligned with where I’m going next, where I should go, or how I’m getting there. However it wasn’t until I put out a tweet last fall about taking a bus from Cancun, Mexico to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala that I suddenly got it. Within moments, six other travelers who had taken a similar route were advising me. They looked up schedules and helped me decipher the bus terminal codes. The directed me to a tiny website that specialized in the exact bus route I would need to take. The owner of that site contacted me. In the end I got the answer I needed. What had taken me hours of research online was completed in less than 20 minutes on Twitter. I knew this was a new way to travel.

This ebook is really just a compilation of every bookmark, trick, tip and solution I’ve ever found, used or just sounded cool to me—related to travel. I certainly don’t expect anyone would try to use everything in this book all at once. That’s not how I use Twitter. Instead, read through; pick out those things that sound the most useful. Hopefully I’ve included things that even the most experienced Twitterati might not have seen before. For those just starting out, I’ve included an extended appendix section with step by step instructions on everything from setting up your first Twitter account to using your phone to tweet to a cheat sheet for all those short cuts and abbreviations.

This ebook is for travelers, regardless of your destination. I have included tips for everyone, including:

• Business Traveler (check out the expense reporting and hotel sections)
• Backpacker (lots of resources to make things even cheaper)
• High Tech Travelers (yes, you can water your plants with a tweet)
• Two Week Vacationer (super easy to find those deals)
• The Expat (connect with folks where you are)
• And Everyone Else (now you can talk directly to travel experts)

Twitter for Travelers, 49 pages. Adobe PDF

Price: $7 FREE
Delivery: Electronic Download

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