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Top 10 Things to Do Post Thanksgiving Besides Shop

If you’re not one of the shoppers waiting in queue for the next bargain on Black Friday, there’s no shortage of family activities to do after Thanksgiving that does not include shopping! Here are some ideas for you:

Get some fresh air

What can be better than a little outdoor activity after the indulgence of Thanksgiving? Take the opportunity to get out into the mild weather and explore somewhere old or new! Go for a run in the park, a bike ride or simply walk in your home town.

Play games

Make it fun even if your crew is not in the mood to get active. You can play your favourite family games, create new ones and have a lazy quality time together.


Visit a museum or art gallery

It is a great opportunity to dive into culture and learn something new. Take the day to visit a new museum or gallery that you haven’t been yet.


Get organized

Start the busy season with an organized house.




Visit a National Park

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holidays but the preparation can be stressful. Spend the day after soaking up nature and relaxing at a National Park close to you.


Go to the theater or ballet

If you are like most people and don’t visit the theatre very often, make this Thanksgiving extra special by treating yourself and the family with a great theatre show or dance performance.


Give Back

What could be more appropriate than giving back after Thanksgiving? With a little bit of searching you can find a volunteer program that you and your family can help. Consider helping a friend or someone in the neighbourhood that might be needing assistance.


Head to the movies

Go to the cinema and watch all the best movies hitting the screen around this time of the year. There will be holidays movies too to get you in the mood for the next holidays.


Start decorating for Christmas

Thanksgiving has been and gone so why not get ready for the new festivities. Go choose your Christmas tree with your family and make it a special holiday tradition.


Book your next trip

Booking trip is not shopping, it is investment in quality time. There will be some good discounts online so why not book a trip to your bucket list place? If anything, this is money well spent.


Thassia Dezan

Thassia is a family travel blogger on a mission to explore the world with her family. She has travelled to more than 25 countries together with her daughter and husband. She writes about their adventures and tips for family travel in her blog Family off Duty. Her goal is to inspire families across the globe to get out there, travel as often as possible, and make memories that truly last a lifetime.