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This Valentine’s Day: Create Something You Love



A few years ago I felt burned out on blogging, so I did something strange… I started teaching it. I craved a place where I could talk about this thing I loved, getting to write and take photos for a living, but in a way that I wasn’t seeing online. There’s some great materials and courses out there for how to market your blog, or how to hack social media, but I was more interested in talking about how we do this crazy thing: telling a single story over years and years.

Blogs are different from writing a book, an article or pretty much anything else. There will always be those Buzzfeed-style sites that go viral and become what “blogging” is known for, but the reality is that the majority of the blogs out there, the rest of us, are all telling our personal stories through writing, photography and video not writing top 10 lists. We’re telling this story over months, then years, and if we’re are lucky like me, then closing in on a decade. How do you even approach such a thing? What are some of the hurdles of keeping a story that long going? What are realistic ways to parlay all that work into other projects or better yet, income?

I don’t hear anyone talking about blogging the way I talk about it with the serious bloggers I know. Isn’t that strange? Why do we focus on numbers and traffic but not craft, creativity, story-telling or multimedia narratives? I find that so much more interesting. And it also fills me up. I need that, I need to focus on the reasons I got into this in the first place, to keep myself rooted in what I love, and to have a group of like-minded people to just bounce ideas off in a way where it’s safe and we’re able to be honest. (Having a private group helps.)

This year, I did something big, I decided to relaunch my online course that I’ve run since 2011, which meant recreating all the content. I set it up in 52 lessons, with new content once a week. It takes you through the first critical year of blogging. What I tell people is that this course will not get you anywhere you weren’t already going to go… but it will cut your time in half. If it would take you two years, then I’ll get you there in one. There’s my instruction — and I’m somewhat unique in this regard because I’m a former project manager, so I can break big projects down into small, manageable steps — but I’ve also done a lot of the projects in the online world that people try to do: from self-publishing ebooks, publishing other authors, crowdfunding through Kickstarter, getting a literary agent, getting a book deal with one of the top four publishing houses, running community events, launching groups, getting freelance writing and photography work from my blog and so on… so when I’m talking about these things, I have the first hand experience.

I’m running a Valentine’s Day special… if you use the code word “Love” you get 20% off. But the course is insanely cheap for what you get. It’s less than $4 a week, with new content, resource materials and assignments. I personally give feedback and support each step of the way. There’s also our private group, which is so valuable because of the vast amount of expertise in there, plus I know many of these bloggers are so busy creating things, that you won’t see them talking shop anywhere else.

And the course is tailored for people starting out or a few years into their blogs. I keep it accessible but I also tackle all the really big important stuff you need to know. Here’s the video from Week One.

What do you think? Do you think I can help you? Or someone you know? Head over to the course at Blog Brilliantly. Let’s get started.

Oh and happy Valentine’s Day!

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”


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