Almost Fearless

The Wireless Generation

We’ve just finished filming the documentary, The Wireless Generation as we traveled during 2010 and 2011. We interviewed people across five continents who have taken working from home to the next level: they’re working online from anywhere in the world.

From a sociology professor teaching online from Thailand to a financial analyst for American Express backpacking across South America to a family of four traveling with their kids across Asia as they build websites for their clients back home in Australia — these people have each found ways to make the ultimate dream of traveling the world and keeping your career possible.  All it takes is a good wifi connection, a little creativity and the desire to do something different.

This is YOUR FILM. The camera equipment and gear for this project was purchased by readers of this site — as we raised $10,000 from online donations to begin filming. If it wasn’t for the generous donations of readers, this film would have never had happened. THANK YOU!

We’re very excited to show you these stories. At it’s heart this is a film about people and travel.  We’ve also shot in some amazing locations, so I think it has something for everyone.

Short Teaser Clip (Dave in Colombia):

Another Teaser Clip (Lindsay & Ross in Spain) “The Million Dollar Question”:

Our last teaser clip: Kyle and Bessie in Thailand talk about priorities:

Below is another short clip of the Lantern Festival in Thailand that we filmed for the movie as we followed one of our subjects. It has received OVER 100,000 views on Youtube!

CURRENT STATUS SUMMER 2012: We are finishing editing for our deadline of 8/31/2012, just in time to start submitting to film festivals in 2013. More information soon!

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