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The Traveler’s Thai Kitchen: 50 Thai Dishes for Small Kitchens

I’ve been dabbling with Thai cooking since settling down in Chiang Mai, Thailand — but I wanted to do more. I now find myself with an apartment equipped with a kitchen, albeit a small one, with just a two grill stove top. The idea for this series came from a simple realization: I could learn how to cook Thai food, just by buying local ingredients and recreating my favorite dishes at home. So I started making a list. It was supposed to be 10 dishes. Then I stretched it to 30. By the time it hit 50, I knew that it was way more than I could ever share on this blog. Seriously, I know people like seeing some cool Thai food, but 50 recipes? I had to find somewhere to write about this.

So I’ve decided to create this series on Facebook. I’ll be posting one picture of each dish plus a few notes and the recipe. FB handles image galleries pretty well, so if you want to follow along, the pics are going to look great.

How to follow the series: Watch my facebook page for updates. Everything starts on November 1st, 2011. (Note: the series will not be on, only on the FB).

The food

I’ll be updating these dishes with links to the photo/recipe as they are posted. You can also bookmark the album on Facebook.

Steamed Thai Dumplings, “Pun Sip Neung”
Thai Fresh Spring Rolls, “Pa Pia Sod”
Thai fried spring rolls, “Poh Pia Tod”

Roasted Duck & Red Curry, “Kaeng Phed Ped Yang”
Stir-Fried Fish in Red Curry, “Pad Ped Pla”

Thai green chicken curry, “Gaeng khiao wan gai”

Thai Green Curry Shrimp with Noodles

Thai hot yellow fish curry, “Gaeng Lueng”

Thai masaman chicken, “Gaeng masaman gai”

Thai panang curry with pork, “Panang moo”

Thai red chicken curry, “Gaeng ped gai”

Bananas in Sticky Rice, “Khao Tom Mad”
Black & White Sticky Rice Pudding With Coconut Milk and Fresh Fruit
Thai Pumpkin Custard, “Sankaya Phak Tong”
Thai Sticky Rice with Mango, “Khao Neeo Mamuang”

Lychee sunrise cocktail

Papaya Margarita

Tamarind Vodka Cocktail

Thai Iced Tea

Pork Leg on Rice, “Khao Kha Moo”
Steamed Chicken Chiang Mai, “Gai Muang Nung Kreung Gaeng Nua”
Thai cashew chicken, “Gai pad med mamuang himaphan”

Thai chicken satay

Thai chicken with holy basil, “Pad Kra Pao Gai”


Thai drunken chicken wings, “Peek gai mao daeng”

Thai style pork with peanut sauce, “Phraram long song”
Thai sweet and sour spareribs, “See klong prio wan”

Drunkards Noodles, “Pad Kee Mao”
Larb w/Glass Noodle & Minced Pork, “Larb Woonsen Moo Sap”
Thai Chiang Mai curry noodles, “Khao soi”
Thai crispy stir fried noodles, “Mee krob”
Thai fried noodles, “Pad Thai”
Thai style wide noodles in thick sauce, “Kuatiao radna”

Thai Stir Fried Wide Rice Noodles, “Pad Si-iew”

Thai beef salad, “Yum neua”

Green papaya salad, “Som tum”
Thai seafood salad, “Yam talay”


Spicy Fish Cakes, “Tod Man Pla”

Stir Fried Tamarind Shrimp, “Goong Pad Nam Makham Piek”
Sugarcane Prawns, “Goong Pan Oi”
Thai curried crab claws, “Bu pad phong kari”
Thai Fried Clams in Roasted Chile Paste, Hoy Lai Ped


Piquant prawn soup with lemon grass, “Tom yum koong”

Pumpkin in Coconut Soup with Shrimp, “Phaktong Tom Kati”

Thai beef noodles soup, “Kuaitiao neua”

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, “Tom Kha Gai”

Tom Kha Salmon, by the Prime Minister of Thailand

Thai stir-fried pumpkin, Pad Phuk Tong
Thai Vegetarian Curry, “Kaeng Phak”

Thai vegetarian peanut noodles
Vegetarian Thai stir-fried squash and mushrooms, “Phak thong phat het”

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