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The Only Bike Camper/Trailer You Will Ever Need

We have to admit, we’re a little too excited about this. Now all of your bike-camping challenges are resolved. No more figuring out how to fit everything into overpacked paneers. No more sleeping on the ground after a day of biking (you get used to it, but those sleeping pads don’t help much). Typically this kind of thing is only available in far away lands, but now cycle-powered travelers can rejoice! The Wide Path Bicycle Camper is available in the US.


The trailer is being billed as a “mini-RV” and the basic model includes a 2-person bed, 300 L of storage (consider that a large travel backpack will hold 75-100 L) and can be outfitted with extras like solar power, a camping kitchen, table and chairs and sun-cover.

Still we have questions… can you bring a pet in there? How much does it weigh? Will the wind knock you over? How many bottles of wine exactly will it hold?

It looks ideal for bike-camping in locales where you want to stay dry and warm (like most of Europe) but might be overkill in warmer climates.

Pricing starts at $ 4.290 USD


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