Almost Fearless

The End + A New Beginning

I wrote the first post to this blog on April 26, 2008, titled, aptly enough: The Beginning. I set the scene. I was an unhappy corporate manager, looking for a big change – I was going to quit my job, travel the world and become a writer and photographer. How would that work? What would happen?

In 2010, after two years of travel and the birth of our first child, my husband was laid off from his work-from-home job. That was it. We were completely untethered. We’ve made a full-time go at being self-employed creatives ever since.

It feels like a whirlwind and it sorta was…

-we produced a documentary about people working online to travel the world
-traveled around the world several times over (see the archives!)
-we were selected as National Geographic Travelers of the Year
-we had three kids along the way (Cole 3/2010, Stella 2/2013, & Tallulah 9/2016)
-I wrote a book
-Drew and I launched a creative education platform

What’s next? We’re turning Almost Fearless into a magazine. Digital and Print. The newly designed website will come in January and the first print edition will arrive in fall of 2017 with quarterly editions after that.

For us personally? We’ll be leaving Mexico and traveling north at the end of the winter. We are going to check out Colorado as a home base, but also venture further north to British Columbia, to a little town called Fernie, that has caught our eye. We have no idea where we’ll end up but if you’re interested in following us (albeit with way fewer updates than this blog) I have set up a separate online identity for myself after years of writing under the almostfearless handle:

Christine Gilbert:

I will be bringing over all the archived posts from Almost Fearless into the new site, but the tone and writing going forward will be less about me and more about travel and adventure in general. I feel like that’s a good thing. I’ve answered (at least for myself) many of the questions I began this blog with – what would happen, how would we make it work, what happens next? I didn’t even know the right questions to ask, like “would we have kids?” or “how do you breastfeed a baby while riding on a motorbike?” (answer: very carefully). I get the process now… we dream up something big, something that feels expansive and exciting, then we systematically plan it out and break it down into reasonable steps, that we begin taking, one by one, calm and steady like fire walkers. It’s something I could have never anticipated starting out, but once you’re on the other side (and I’ve confirmed this over and over again by talking to other travelers) it just feels natural. Nothing in my life has scared me as much as quitting my job that day back in 2008. And nothing has shifted my perspective more. I could never not-know, never un-see, never return to my old life. I’m not sure if I properly communicated that over these many years of blogging, but that sensation of self-change and blind faith was what I hoped to capture over and over again.

What will I be writing next?

A second book. It’s secret. I’m not telling anyone anything yet. If it goes well expect it in 2019.

A series at We Create called #maglife (starting in Jan 2017, get updates here) that follows my behind-the-scenes journey as I turn this place into a print magazine.


I’ll be Editor-in-Chief at Almost Fearless Magazine (starting in Jan 2017), which for now means lots of writing, but will quickly turn into a mentoring and curating role as I gather experts and writers to explore a subject I live and breathe. Travel + Adventure for Parents.

You can find everything related to AF here:


What else?

Well, I’ll still be teaching, so you can find me at We Create. There are $12 courses you can sign up for between now and the end of the year. I’m also offering a free 2017 Planning Course for Bloggers that you can sign up for now.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the magazine in some way – shoot me an email @ I’m not hiring anyone yet, but I will be creating a few remote intern positions.

This is the second scariest thing I’ve ever done.

I’m not going to say “good-bye” because I’m not going anywhere, but this move is a big change for me. I’ve been sharing my life with all of you for so many years, it’s going to be weird and a little lonely to not rush over to Facebook or Instagram all the time. But I hope it also feels freeing, a ball I no longer have to keep up in the air, a slice of focus I’ve dedicated to this space for so long that now can be directed at my next book, the new magazine, or my little babies.

All there is left to say is this: Thank you. I love you guys. This isn’t the end though, so stick with me. I’m just going to take this giant leap and see if I can create a parachute before I land – just like I’ve always done.

See you on the other side in 2017!

With love,


Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”