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The Best of 2010: 100 Inspired Travel Blogs

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Every year thousands of travel blogs are started as people dream of taking an extended trip, or want to share their travels with people back home or even have loftier aspirations. However, despite prolific numbers, very few people stick with travel blogging and even fewer create the kind of content that makes you say: wow, I have to go there.

This year I wanted to recognize some of my favorite bloggers, big and small, who have been my favorite reads this year.

Who are the Best Travel Blogs of 2010?

It’s travelers who have been doing it for years, and others who are still planning their big trip. It’s professional writers and seasoned photographers.  It’s amateurs and newbies with a wicked turn of phrase or a killer action shot.

It’s funny bloggers who can’t figure out squat toilets and bloggers with kids who wonder about how travel will change their lives. It’s a group of people who have made a conscious choice to do something a little different — whether it’s for now or forever — and they want to share it with you.  To me, it’s my dream team, the travelers I’d most like to travel with in real life.  For some of them, I already have.

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Without further ado, here my list of The Best of 2010: 100 Inspired Travel Blogs:

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