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The Art of the Epic Adventure

If there’s one lifestyle philosophy I prescribe to it’s something along the lines of “adventurist”. I just love it. Treat your life like a series of adventures and it solves almost all of your problems.


1. Bored? Don’t worry, it’s time for a new adventure.
2. Mess something up? Yeah but that’s part of the adventure.
3. Something bad happens? Adventure!!
4. Need a sense of accomplishment without having to dedicate your entire life to a cause? Adventures! Mini-goals!
5. Can’t get motivated? Well how about a big epic life adventure that makes your project not just a “to-do” but a QUEST.

This is not to say that my adventures go well. Far from it. I just bought a 1983 Westfalia Camper Van with the intention of driving it 2,000 miles to Seattle to START a road trip across Canada. It’s the end of Day 6 and we’ve made it about 300 miles, spent $350 on hotel stays in a strip mall off I-40 and over $2,000 in repairs and tows. (And I’m still so happy – I love this van, it’s almost completely fixed now, and my god is sitting in the back with a good view and a better breeze heaven? Yes. Yes it is.)

I wrote a book about traveling around the world with my toddler and learning languages that includes fleeing a country not once but twice. (And that experience–both writing the book and learning those languages–will still go down as one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.)

Hey we even tried to bike across Europe from France to Romania but busted our kiddie trailer in Italy and had to take the train the rest of the way. (Best trip ever.)

All epic, awesome, life-changing adventures that I would NOT want to do again but I would never would want to have missed. I picked things that weren’t terribly impressive except they were just outside my comfort zone. Just 10% too scary. Then I leapt. Fell on my face, got up and kept going.

I want to live my life like this forever.

Are you like this too? Good, then come join me. I’m putting together a little group that I’m calling “Adventure As A Life Plan” and if you’re NOT already knee-deep in some epic plan that’s going only slightly sideways, here’s some ideas:

TRAVEL (backpack China to Tibet)
PHYSICAL (hike Kilamanjaro)
INTELLECTUAL (learn how to code in Ruby on Rails)
FAMILY (take your family on an adventure to discover your ancestral roots)
SPIRITUAL (begin a mediation practice)
LITERARY (follow in the footsteps of your favorite author)
CREATIVE (write a book, make a film, paint a mural on your bedroom wall)

It does NOT have to be about travel. It just has to be EPIC. To YOU. What would thrill you? What would make you hop up and down in your kitchen as you squeal like you just won a unexpected but meaningful amount of money from a scratch ticket? You’re not suddenly rich, you don’t have a fairy god mother, it’s just “OMG $1,500! That’s pretty awesome!”

That’s the level we’re talking about here. Just better than life in general but not so drastic that you have to save for 10 years to get there or hire a team to follow your trail to keep you safe as you swim the entire Pacific ocean. EPIC but not CRAZY. BIG but not so daunting you NEVER GET STARTED.

You ready? I’m putting together a 6-week, super fun, super laid-back course on CHOOSING, PLANNING & EXECUTING your big fat epic adventure.

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Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”


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