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Tent Hammocks You Wish You Had Right Now

Tent hammocks have been around long enough to be the envy of anyone who enjoys the outdoors. If you can imagine the comfort of taking a nap in a hammock but being given the shelter and security to do it for an entire night of camping, then you have to take a look at some of the hammocks available right now.


Lawson Hammocks

This feels like the sort of hammock tent your children will love, with it’s rounded top, it gives people some extra space to move around without feeling constricted, and at 4.25lbs it’s pretty easy to carry around.

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The Lawson hammocks currently cost $199 USD



This is such an excellent design for solo travelers. Your kids will want something with more space, but for you? You might want a tent that can also become a chair you can sit on to read a book or have an adult beverage. Check out the video and be amazed.

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The Amok Draumr 3.0 with tarp currently sells for $399. Without tarp is $299


The whole Tensile line is worth looking at, but what is the most exciting is the Stingray, which can sleep three adults comfortably. It weighs 20lbs and takes about 15 minutes to set up, but of all the choices for tent hammocks, this is the best we have found that could be comfortable for a family of three (maybe four if your children are young).


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Tentsile Stingray currently retails for $650

There are lots of options in the field of tent hammocks, so do your research, pull your kids over to help find a tent they will be excited to sleep in, and go out and have an awesome adventure. And if you are on Instagram having an awesome family adventure, tag us at #almostfearless so we know what your up to and you might be featured on our Instagram page!

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