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Start Your Adventure: We’re Selling Our Westfalia Van #vanlife

It’s a sad coincidence that at the same time our van makes it’s debut in Foster Huntington’s Van Life coffee table book, we’re looking to sell our precious Westfalia. We’ve driven it from Albuquerque New Mexico, up through Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Washington, then all the way back down to Mexico, spent seven months touring the country from coast to coast. It’s a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon and with all that travel you know one thing for sure: we fixed everything and it’s road and battle tested. By the way, this is the epic photo that made it into the book. The van in front of the Grand Tetons whilc we were wild camping out in the Antelope Flats.

And it’s that’s not enough our van is even more famous… here it is being featured on Men’s Journal!

However, now it’s far away, currently in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The van still has State Life insurance and with Washington plates, is totally Mexico legal (renewed last month so about 5 months more on the current tabs) so you could buy it in Mexico (it’s about an hour south of Cancun), drive around, swap out the plates and start your own adventure right down the coast to Belize, Honduras and beyond.

It’s got a few bumps and scratches but doesn’t suffer from any major issues.

We’re asking $12,000 which is basically how much we paid for it plus the cost of repairs. If you’ve been shopping around you know it’s rare to get a working one for less.

We’re currently scrubbing it out and making it nice and pretty for you, but man, I’m heartbroken to sell this, but we need something bigger with three growing kids.

Interested? Email me at

I don’t know much about vehicles but it’s got all the original parts, the stove, the fridge water tank and more. The odometer doesn’t work but trust me, you’ll never break the speed limit in Mexico. We’re looking for a quick sale, so it’s $12,000 firm, no tire kickers, looking for someone who has cash is ready to start their adventure and wants to get really lucky in picking up one of these rare beauties that actually runs and is ready to go.

More photos:

If we don’t sell it at $12,000 in the next week or so, we’ll raise it to it’s proper price of $15,000 and wait it out. No swaps, no checks, no coconuts. Contact:

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