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Spend a Week in Barcelona (With Me!)

I haven’t even started talking about our big move to Barcelona that is coming this spring, but I do want to announce the workshop we’ll be holding there well in advance, because I recognize that getting to Barcelona for a week takes a little planning.


Our workshops in Mexico and San Francisco have been fantastic and we want to do another one, this time focusing a full week on blogging, writing, and photography from one of the greatest cities in the world (don’t worry there will be lots of tapas, walking around the city and checking out Gaudi architecture along the way).

If that’s your thing, you can sign up here. I also added an installment plan if you want to choose that option. Right now the price is discounted to $333 for an entire week — five full days of workshops — but of course your travel, flight and lodging are not included. If you need help finding affordable places to stay, let me know.


I can not wait for Barcelona and I would love to meet you at this workshop. As you might guess in a city like Barcelona, that fee really just covers the location cost, I do these occasional workshops because as you might imagine, getting together with a bunch of creative, passionate people inspires me and fills me with renewed energy for my work for weeks and months afterwards. I love it. I hope to see you there.

(Update: if you want to access the course and purchase the full membership using the code “cyber” between now and 12/31/2013 will give you the full unlimited forever access at $199)

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”



  • Oh how I wish I could afford to go!!!! The people who can will be very blessed indeed to spend so much time with you and learn from you. (Great choice in city too, Barcelona is one of my favorites.)

  • This sounds like a great opportunity. Everyone needs a little extra inspiration and guidance sometimes! Hope it’s a big success…

  • Hello. My name is Gillian. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. My thoughts are, would a movement therapy class stand well with you and your guests. I present workshops in Pilates around Europe. If you like the idea then I await your contact. Best of luck with all you do.

  • How long will the discount be offered? We’re still figuring out our Europe plans and will probably be there by then, but with this lifestyle, it’s always nice to wait until the last minute to make firm plans. I would love to spend a week (esp. in Barcelona!) surrounded by creative, inspiring people.

  • Hello, I am new in the blog, having just arrived.
    As a spanish I would like to tell you that Barcelona is a nice city to visit, but no so nice to live in. It’s boring and the people it’s very closed minded. And also you are taking the risk of the independence issues: exiting of European Union and euro.
    But they have everything: mountain, beaches, history, lovely buildings….
    I would recommend you Palma de Mallorca.

  • I am most definitely interested… I’m just weighing the pros and cons of missing work/the costs. But seriously considering this!! Very exciting.

  • his is really interesting. Traveling in French Polynesia has me in a bit of a panic over my budget for continued travel

  • Sorry but don’t you need a work permit or have a Spanish company in order to hold a workshop? I thought you were getting a residence permit as a non-worker…

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