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San Francisco Workshop This Weekend (Sept 14 & 15)



This upcoming weekend, I’m flying into San Francisco to do a workshop for (by the way, if you wanted to attend there is still a spot or two open, but it’s a small group by design). If you didn’t know, it’s a blogging course and series of workshops for writers and photographers who blog.

After costs, I make no money on these workshops, but I love doing them anyway. I am so excited. I love, love, love getting the chance to work with other creatives and my background in project management means I am really good at breaking down big projects into realistic day-to-day activities. When you’re a writer, you spend so much time in your head, it’s great to just be around other people who are as passionate about their creative projects as you are.

The other part that is really cool is that I found this apartment in the Mission District to rent for the event:


And it has a full kitchen so I hope I get to cook for everyone!


And there’s all these little nooks, a reading corner, a side table off the kitchen and this picnic table outside, so we can break into little groups for our workshopping.


I had events planned for people who happen to be in San Francisco during this time, but I had to cancel one of them.

There is a group dinner on Saturday night. That’s still on. (You don’t have to attend the workshop to come, just stop on by!)

The photowalk is cancelled because I’m between cameras and I’m still recovering from my surgery.

Please come join us!

Next year I plan to have more workshops, but the next one will most likely be in… Spain (of course, since we’re moving there) and there will definitely be a photowalk, tapas tour and the works for anyone who’s out there during that time.

I don’t have a US cell number, but over the weekend if you want to catch me, try me by email christine.gilbert at — I hope to check it regularly.

Cheers! And I look forward to meeting you guys (well those of you in SF!).

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