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Returning to Mexico & The Big Launch

We finally reached Seattle, just in time to register the camper van (thank you to Arizona’s insanely lenient 90-day temporary-transit-registration), then we’re going to book it south to Puerto Vallarta. Or I’m going to fly. I have just one more week before I hit that 36-week cut-off for flying… and then I have to prepare for the baby… rent a house, buy diapers, navigate hospital registration en español… you know all the usual things. Ha!

I may be too laid back. I’m starting to feel the crush of time and wondering if we should just stick the van in storage here in Washington state, fly to Mexico and deal with the whole mess later. (Remember when I was pondering Bangkok? Drew squashed that pretty quick!) I’m giving myself a few days to attempt a mad dash out of here, but we’ll see how fast the paperwork end of things goes…

That being said, I am so excited though to go back to PV. I was showing my two, soon to be three (omg), children pictures from when we were there for Stella’s birth.

The last time we were there, Cole was the age Stella is now: What a cutie pie! I can still see a little baby chub on his legs and face.

And Stella was the age her little sister will be this November (about six weeks old). We called her Bien Seria (Very Serious) in Spanish… and our Mexican neighbors all laughed because she was Mexican by birth right but so blonde and blue-eyed.

And soon there will be a new baby, a little girl. I can not wrap my brain around it. I don’t have any idea what it will feel like to be the mother of three children. How did this all happen? I’m still solo-backpacking my way across Central America in my heart, then I catch my reflection and remember – oh right, I’m so pregnant, I’m so a mom, I’m so different now.

In fact, this summer a lot has changed. I’m about to have another baby, but I’m also dreaming about my next creative baby. It won’t be another book (not yet), but it’s probably just as daunting. I have to sit with it a little longer, but it feels right. It feels perfect, actually. I’ll announce after the baby comes assuming it wasn’t all a third trimester fever dream. 🙂

Soon, Mexico.


Other things: I’m going to write about this tomorrow too, but I should let you know that I’m included in a big 72-hour bundle… it’s all creative courses… some truly useful stuff, including the well-known Creative Class course with Paul Jarvis, a course on working with sponsors/brands for your blog, how to get paid speaking gigs, freelancer bootcamp, and more, including two of my writing courses (how to write a book, and how to get an agent). Check it out: The Big Launch. (Plus it is raising money for Room to Read, one of my all-time favorite charities).

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