Almost Fearless

Parents + kids + adventure + travel

We're starting with a very simple idea: Parents are humans who travel too!

We're building the next Lonely Planet / Afar Magazine / Moon Guides / Outside Magazine - by bootstrap. There's no corporate funding. No venture capital. No editorial oversight by advertisers.

It's 2018 and somehow the travel industry is still focused on the idea of travel as either escaping your family or all-you-can-eat buffets, free drinks and a pool big enough to keep your kids entertained. No judgment on solo travel or all-inclusives, but this is only part of the picture. The reality is that millennials (the old and young versions) are traveling more than previous generations. We're taking babies to Europe, hiking with toddlers, surfing with middle schoolers and backpacking around the globe with teens. We're doing all the same things we did in our 20s as travelers, just now, we're bringing purse snacks and wet wipes.

Isn't it about time for a publication that doesn't seek to erase children from their pages, or worse serving up milquetoast advice and tedious so-called "family-friendly" itineraries?

The world is huge! The adventures endless! We're planning a new issue of the magazine every three months plus tackling the entire guidebook industry one title at a time (we have 16 in the works, see the topics below). We're also launching a podcast, giving members free access to a new online course each month and have a vibrant member-only community.

What are we creating?

Almost Fearless is a quarterly print and digital magazine for parents who adventure:

plus every subscription comes with access to our online archives known as the Hive.


4 issues/year


8 books/year


12 course/year


20 episodes/year