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Take Your Family on an Outdoor Adventure This Holiday Season!

This holiday season, give your family the gift of an outdoor adventure, of time together, of family memories with an exciting twist. Here are our top ten outdoor experiences for your family this holiday season.

Do you celebrate the holidays in a winter wonderland? These five activities are for you.

Take a Snowshoe Tour

Outdoor Ice Skating

Skis or Snowboard? Try It as a Family!

Go Snow Tubing or Sledding

Take a Cross-Country Ski Lesson


Do you celebrate with summer weather and a beach? Try these five fun ideas.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Adventure on the Water! Go Sailing or Parasailing

Prefer to Be in the Water? Stand-Up Paddle Boarding or Snorkeling

Via Ferrata (Check for age and weight minimums before you go)

Ziplines!  (Again, check age, weight or height restrictions – some young children can go tandem)


Beth Swanson

Beth Swanson is a freelance writer from North Bend, WA. She strives to live a bold, adventurous life with a hidden health condition. She writes about her life, travels, parenting mistakes and misadventures on her blog, Follow her on twitter @crazymessyamaze.