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One Month Trip Report #vanlife

We’re completely stuck in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We’re here! Wyoming! #vanlife #roadtrip #usa

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Well first, our clutch went. We were told by the mechanic it was fine for now but eventually we’d need to look at it, which apparently meant 1,000 miles down the road.

So we ordered parts (a new clutch slave and master cylinder). Then we boondocked. Right in Jackson proper, near the library. We’ve been basically living in plain sight, living in a van that won’t really move, unless we push it, which sometimes we do, just to change spots.

I had to explain to Cole that we weren’t homeless, we’re just thrifty.

(By the way campgrounds are booked everywhere and hotels, even Motel 6 run over $140 a night, with most over $200).

BUT – we are so loving it here. This city is amazing. It has everything!

14 reasons to be somewhat homeless in Jackson, WY:

1. A full public library with a children’s library that has free activities everyday. It’s basically where we’ve been working every day, it’s like a co-working space with free babysitting (to an extent) and they even give the kids free lunch and snacks during the week.

2. Free public bus system so you can get everywhere without a car.

3. Gorgeous mountains in every direction.

4. Beautiful weather.

5. Tons of public parks with amazing facilities like rock climbing walls for the kids.

6. The Snake River runs right through town.

7. Bike paths everywhere.

8. Huge Latino population – like 30% of the city – and my kids have been PRACTICING THEIR SPANISH with kid’s their age, while in Wyoming. I mean the mind boggles… completely didn’t expect that.

9. Really nice people, with a sort of rugged, midwest attitude with that disarming friendliness.

10. A recreation center where we can take showers (for a price) or go swimming.

11. Tons of summer activities.

12. Really amazing food – albeit quiet expensive.

13. Plenty of public bathrooms.

14. Water bottle refill stations!

So that’s our lives right now, basically working, living in a van (omg!), picnicking in parks, and enjoying the crisp clean air and outdoor spaces. Drew bought a blow torch. To loosen rusted bolts. He replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder but broke the brake line (oops) in his zest, so we’re here a little longer, but…

I could be happy here forever. We’re not in a rush. It’s perfect! New home base?

Well, except for one, small little detail: -30F cold fronts in the winter. Yeah, um, I don’t even know what to say about that. Oh and it costs like $3,000 a month to rent a modest house here… (well unless you live in a van, like we do! $100/day living on $0/day!)

So we’re average about $50 a day, with almost all that going towards food:

Do you think it’s bad when you blow your entire day’s food budget on breakfast? Don’t answer that. I’m in my third trimester. Priorities. 🙂

(PS: The Adventure As a Life Plan 6-week online workshop is starting on Monday!)

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