Almost Fearless

Okay, Let’s Try This Again

Dear China,


You are awesome. I just know it. And yes, we got off to a rocky start. And okay, yeah my in-laws are now emailing me, “I just read your blog, OMG I hope you can get out of this. It sounds like an awful place to be.” That’s entirely my fault. Some of my readers have been emailing me too. It might have been the picture of the smog-fog. Can I be honest? That didn’t look good.

So yes, it’s taken us longer to figure out where to live than I thought it would and yeah, I don’t love some of food here which can be very bland or super salty or dripping with grease (or all three, sadly). When I get a kitchen, I promise I will learn the names of all the dishes and stop playing Menu Roulette at every meal. And yes, I have to use a VPN to get online, but that’s half the adventure right? Like when I almost rented some guy’s flophouse for double the local rate, I didn’t get mad, I laughed about it. See! I can take a joke!

Today, my Kindle broke. I’ve been in China for two weeks, and believe me I’m not missing the irony of having a broken Kindle in the country that manufactures them AND the one place Amazon won’t send me a replacement. I told everyone on Twitter I was going to raid the factory in a covert op and people stopped their busy day to respond to me and tell that that was A Bad Idea. I’m now in the position of needing people to tell me to not break into buildings in foreign countries in order to replace my electronics through what can only be called theft.

I’m not doing well.

It might be the cold I got the moment I arrived, which my son has been feeding back to me every day with his germy kisses. When he gets excited he now sounds like a pug.

Or maybe it’s just me having a bad attitude about the freezing weather.

I’m not sure. Whatever it is, I know it’s not you. You, darling, are great. I don’t know you that well, but really all these complaints of mine are just the itchy discomfort of a woman trying to adapt too quickly.

So tonight, I’m calling a truce. Can I do that? Can we just start over?

I’ll stop pointing out your cultural differences like they are character flaws and you can stop breaking my stuff and help the swelling on my left eye go down (don’t ask). That would be fan-tastic. If you could also let my son know that when I try to put on his pants it’s not because I hate him, it’s so we can go ice skating, which he doesn’t know yet what that is, but it’s super fun.

Sort of like China.

XOXO- Christine

(PS Seriously, please don’t break my iPhone.)

(PPS Please note I do like getting emails where people are worried about me. Tonight’s post was almost called, “No seriously! And Then I Almost Died!” but I’m saving that for sweeps.)

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”


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