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So, yeah. I started a little blog. A couple of friends, sharing stories about travel, before my big trip abroad. I wrote a post called, 8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 22. Then someone called their friends (social networking sites) and they told their friends, and before I knew it, my little spot on the internet went from a dinner party to a house party. The more the merrier.

I fixed up the place, added some new features and everyone was having a grand old time. People were talking about their travel plans, we shared stories and had some laughs. It was a great party.

On June 3rd, someone decided to tell everyone about our little get together (a certain news aggregator’s front page) and a football stadium of new revelers descended.

So… Hello! Um, sorry about the mess, we weren’t expecting so much company! I’m a little embarrassed, because I haven’t even left for my trip yet. But please, do come inside, and if the very idea of quitting your job in order to travel makes you furious, you might be at the wrong address. Just sayin’.

My Story to Date

If you’re new to the site, welcome. I feel the need to explain that I’m neither an expert nor suggesting my way is the only way. I reached a point in my life where I realized that the traditional route wasn’t working for me. I had gone to college, moved up through the ranks in a large company, bought a house and filled it with all the possessions you’d normally expect. By all external measures, I had what everyone hopes to get: stable job, financial security, ample possessions, a home, a path to retirement.

I don’t know if turning 30 did it to me, but like so many others that have come before me, I had a personal revelation. This might sound contrite, but it’s what I experienced. I could see my future. In 35-40 years I would retire. In the interim, I would continue to work this job, make money and spend money. There had to be something more.

After much consideration, I decided I should at least attempt to do something so purely irrational, so decidedly selfish, that even if it didn’t work out, I would at least know that I tried. I think and believe it will work out, and this entire site is built under that presumption. I would quit my stable and handsomely paid job, and relocate my husband, myself and our two dogs overseas. We would travel from country to country as we pleased, living 3-6 months in each place. He would work remotely for a US company. I would work as a freelance writer and photographer. We would take the nest egg for our future home as insurance against financial mishaps. We would change the way we consumed, living well beneath our means, owning minimal possessions and sparing every expense.

I didn’t invent the “quit your job, travel the world” concept. I am humbly joining the ranks of folks who have been doing this for years, never looking back. I hope that this site is some help for those people considering a similar path, whether you’re 22, 32 or 72.

Now that you’re here

So if you haven’t already checked out the site here are some of the milestone posts along my journey:

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What’s Next

On June 28th, my husband and I will board our flight to Madrid with our two dogs and all of our worldly possessions. I hope you’ll join us as we fumble our way through our living abroad adventure.

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Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”



  • I came here from Reddit, and have to admit to not getting the context you were in, so thanks for the cliff notes version of your story, I would be FREAKING OUT this close to your journey, and you seem to be holding up well, so keep kicking ass. I will keep reading.

  • What an interesting site! I am much older than most of the readers here I’m sure! (I’m 52), but I so agree that we are so chained to our “stuff”.
    I’m hoping to convince my husband to do just what you’re doing. We’ve travelled quite a bit in the last few years, I’m just wanting to get him to actually go for it …to leave the possessions and trappings behind.
    I think I can convert him!

    Wishing you all the best, I look forward to reading about your Spain adventures; that is where we are planning to go next.

  • Congratulations on the publicity!! What more could a ‘just stepping out’ writer want? I am counting down the days until you leave right along with you!

  • I’ve been reading your posts for some time now and just wanted to express my jealousy. I would do this in a heartbeat if I wasn’t so chicken***t to do it. I too have too much stuff and a mortgage. Not to mention my wife and I each make 6-figure salaries that are too hard to give up. However, what really stops me from doing something like this is our desire to have kids and raise a family soon. I’m too nervous about not having the foundation to build on. In any case, I am very envious and wish you all the best. I’m sure there are others like me who will be checking in to follow your progress.

    By the way, what types of photography do you do (subject matter)? And what do you shoot (Canon, Nikon, etc)?

  • Del: Thanks for sticking around! I will tell you that I’m not above the occasional freak out, but I am finding it easier with all the great support I’ve gotten online.

    Carolyn: My husband had to convince me actually, and it was nothing more than persistence! It’s hard to let go of things, it’s not something that has been entirely easy for me, but once it’s done, there is a certain amount of relief that goes with it. Good luck and enjoy Spain!

    Gillian: Thanks! And I know you’ve been with me since the beginning, so I appreciate you following along!!!

    Topher: Thank you! And I can totally appreciate that, it does take a committment to a certain lifestyle change– and I don’t expect everyone will want to make that sacrifice. But certainly follow along, even if it’s just to vicariously travel the world.

    Regarding the photography, I do mostly editorial photography– photographs to go along with articles that I’ve written. I use a Canon EOS 40D with a EF 24mm-to-70mm f/2.8L USM (my all purpose lens). Once I’m abroad, I hope to add a photography section to this website, for those who are interested.

  • I landed here when I saw a comment of yours on a few weeks ago. Clicked on your name and lo and behold, I’ve been a fan since.

    Madrid (!!!!!!)

    Anthonys last blog post..A Ticket to Ride and Permission to Enter

  • Wait, what…..Madrid with two dogs??! Are you guys nuts?!

    But seriously, good for you for taking the plunge, Madrid is a wonderful city to start. I wish you and your husband all the best and look forward to reading your updates.

    Perpetual_Travellers last blog post..Beautiful cities

  • I wrote a post called, 8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 22. <–I’m 22 now. Damn, I should get going!

    I love your posts, makes me think about what I really want in my life. I’m career driven yet I want to travel around… alot… alot!

    Janines last blog post..Life Is Short

  • So glad to have found your site through DeliciousBaby. I did something similar when I turned 30. Took 30 days off in Napa cottage with no lock on the door without my husband and in parallel we decided we wanted to quit our jobs and move to Hong Kong and travel Asia. Well I quit my job(husband was offered to telecommute), we found a housesitter, got rid of LOTS of stuff and left of asia 3 months later. Anything is possible when you set yourself to it. We lived in HK for 7 months including side trips to Thailand, all over mainland China, and even a mission trip to the Philippines. We miss our time there but not sure what it would be like to include a toddler if/when we do it again.