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Everything fell into place… we found a 3 bedroom house in San Felipe, fully furnished with a washer and dryer, an oven, a lovely bathtub with granite tiling, a full outdoor room on the second floor, a terrace, and a back yard full of plants. For $670/mo. Which now that I think about it and adjust my brain away from how accustomed I am to Mexico prices, that’s pretty damn cheap.

I also found an office. Two blocks from Santo Domingo, El Llano… just right in the best part of Oaxaca and walking distance to all the best restaurants and markets. It’s big open space and there’s a small office that I can convert into a photography studio. I will have We Create/Cultures & Cuisines headquarters PLUS a photography space PLUS it’s large enough to host small workshops (like 6-8 people). $200/mo.

I signed a year lease on both. I guess it’s official. I live in Oaxaca now. I have a landline. I am picking out paint colors for my office (do you like? The photo above is what I got… that white for most of the walls, the orange-y color is an accent wall and the teal will be for painting our unfinished wood desks and bookshelves we bought at the market).

I was feeling weird about this, not quite sure of all this change, of giving up my freedom for some comfort. I can’t just pack my bags and go somewhere new on a whim and never look back. But we moved into the house this weekend and… oh… my… god. I’m over it. I don’t feel even a hint of regret. It is amazing. I have closets. So much storage space. The kids have their own rooms. We aren’t literally climbing all over each other each day. I have a porch swing on my terrace where I can work and look out at the Sierra Madre mountain range. I can grow an herb garden! Take baths! Have friends over. I’m hosting a party this weekend.

I’ve been living out of a suitcase for almost eight years. I’ve seen the world. I’m still going to travel and I love living overseas, but change is good. I’m shifting gears. It feels fantastic.

Photos soon… and maybe I’ll share my newest margarita recipe.. that I made in a glass pitcher that I own… and will never have to figure out how to pack. Cheers to that!

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”


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