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Cyclists Jen and Randy Charrette became nomads gradually. They would be on the road for a week; then another one-week trip would stretch into a couple of weeks, then a month. Finally Jen realized “Our family was happier when we were on the road doing different things, and the house almost started to be a stress … so we just kind of came to the realization for right now that we were just happier without a home base.”

Now, they are on the road full time, trekking around the United States and living in a campervan, having sold their house last December. But when they travel, the Charrette family always has a distinct goal: to bike the best routes.

Equally in for the ride are their sons, Kalden, 12, and Lars, 3, who have embraced this unique lifestyle. “We’re closer; we have to live with each other a little bit better than we would in a house and not do everything according to the way society (both traditional society and traveling society) thinks it should be done,” Jen says. “We’ve really learned to do what we think is right for our family.”

Kalden has “been doing this since he was 7, and he doesn’t want to stop. He still loves it. He has our … nomad genes and just likes being different places and biking different places.” Lars doesn’t know anything else, so right now he’s content with the camper life.

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Here are some of their favorite places:

On road bikes: Dolomites, Italy; Tucson, Ariz.; Santa Ynez, Calif.

On mountain bikes: Fruita, Colo.; Sun Valley, Idaho; Squamish, British Columbia

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