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Meanwhile, in America…

While I’m traveling around Turkey with the kids, Drew is in the US, touring the documentary we made together: The Wireless Generation. (Yay, Drew!) Anyway, he reports a warm and enthusiastically positive response on the film’s premiere in Seattle and will be continuing on to the rest of his scheduled dates. Here’s his report:

The last time I was in Seattle, it was to get my license and a van so we could head down to Mexico to find a place to have Stella. It was culture shock coming back, I could feel a sort of frantic, desperate energy from the people here in a way I never picked up on before. Everyone seemed intensely stressed out just doing normal activities, going about their day. That was 2012.

It feels different now. More relaxed. Maybe it’s the economy improving. Or maybe it has something to do with marijuana becoming legalized. People are pretty damned chill.

Whatever the reason, it’s nice. Five straight dreary winters here drove Christine and I away, way back in 2005, and we needed the sun so badly we fled to Texas (I don’t recommend doing that). But there’s a reason we lived here for so long and it’s good to be back.

After the official premiere of the film, I spent the last week on my own in my college roommate’s apartment. He was on vacation with his family, leaving me to catch up on work and binge-watch Justified. It was the first time I have spent completely on my own in… I don’t actually remember how long. It’s been years. 15 maybe?

I went out a couple of times, the first time to Bathtub Gin in Belltown. A sign-less little speakeasy style joint where you can tell the bartender the type of well liquor you want and what style (sweet, sassy or savory) and the bartender does his thing. It’s different every time.

I got gin with Bradley’s kina tonic syrup, banal, orange bitters, orange blossom water, some cardamom bitters and seltzer water.


It was awesome. I could get totally nerdy about mixology, the guys working there make it look like a lot of fun in a non-Tom Cruise-in-Cocktail kind of way.

I visited a friend and old co-worker of Christine’s who had started a beer garden type brewery in Ballard called Populuxe, and had the best Saison (French style beer).


It’s strange to know someone from a distance and realize the little updates they have been making have grown into something really great. A few years ago I was seeing photos of his first batch of bottled ale, and this week I got to see dozens of people making a line out the door of their establishment, all happy to be outside on a beautiful day, there to get a beer and maybe some “kim-chee” macaroni and cheese from the food truck that was there that day.

And the tour continues… I’m typing this from a Greyhound bus headed to San Francisco, where this week on the 19th, I’ll show The Wireless Generation to a brand new group of awesome people.


I’m thrilled to announce a new, bonus screening in Quincy, CA. As soon as the tour started I had some people who wanted me to come screen the film in their town. My general rule for adding screenings is that if I am coming through the area, and I don’t have to work out the logistics of the venue, I’m happy to come show off my film for you. This is the first of these bonus screenings, and it’s FREE to the public. It will play on February 27th at Quincy’s West End Theater, so if you are in the area, come meet me and see a movie for free!

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”