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Drinking in London: 5 Lovely Spots to Take Your Kids

One of life’s great pleasures, is enjoying a cold pint of beer in a pub garden. Luckily pub owners in London, England, understand that becoming a parent doesn’t necessarily mean you want to spend every weekend in a windowless soft play center. Numerous pubs across the city have embraced their tiniest customers and offer a range of incentives for parents to plonk the kids down and enjoy their brew undisturbed. Which is just as well, as according to The Daily Mail, Britons apparently spend a year of their life in the pub!


London publicans enthusiastic marketing and redesign of “family-friendly” pubs means the smallest member of our family doesn’t have to be left out. Plus the savings we make on not hiring a babysitter equal more beer- win-win!

I was born in Peckham, South London and spent my childhood and much of my twenties in East London. It’s been over a decade since I moved across the Atlantic, yet still, every trip home will involve a trip or two to our local.

Even though most pubs in London now cater to children by offering kids meals and providing high chairs and coloring books, some go the extra mile to be crowned “The best child-friendly pub in London.”

Here are my top picks:

The Anglers, Teddington

3 Broom Road
TW11 9NR


The Anglers is right on the banks of the river Thames and has a lovely playground. The kids menu has lots of appealing choices for mini guests and it even has its own mooring spot so if you’re arriving by boat, you’re sorted!

The Florence, Herne Hill

131-133 Dulwich Road
Herne Hill
SE24 0NG


The Florence has a garden which in the summer hosts weekend BBQ’s, and a large playroom for rainy days. This pub has its own micro brewery and hand pumps to deliver the perfect pint.

The Owl, High Beech

Lippitts Hill,
IG10 4AL

Face Painting Fun! 👍🏽

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On the outskirts of London and into Loughton, Essex is The Owl. This pub is up a long winding country road and has a collection of animals available to pet, including the cutest bunny rabbits. It also has a playground in its large garden and paddocks next door with friendly horses.

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

95 Chancery Lane
Off Carey Street
Near Fleet Street

Oldest pubs of London crawl. Self guided obviously. #brownkoozie

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I might be a little biased with this pick, as it’s where my wedding reception was held. Although it’s a chain run pub by the Wetherspoons network it is such a cool space with little medieval touches that kids will love. A suit of armor, nooks and crannies and stairwells to hide in and the best bathrooms in London. Each individual stall door arcs out as though you entering a tomb and the sinks are made to look like a fountain!

The Island, Queens Park

123 College Road
Kensal Rise
NW10 5HA


The Island is a gastro pub with outdoor space that welcomes families with a selection of board games in “The Snug” a quieter corner of the pub where you can enjoy your Sunday lunch with a glass of wine while the children play.


Fiona Tapp

Fiona Tapp is a freelance writer and educator. Her work has been featured on The Washington Post, New York Post, HuffPost, Brides, SheKnows and others. She is an expert in the field of Pedagogy, a teacher of 13 years and Master’s degree holder in Education. Fiona is a Brit abroad she has visited more than 20 countries and loves writing about her adventures in mothering and travel.


  • The next time I’m there I’ll check them out! Although by that time my kids will likely be grown! 🙂

  • If anyone needs a drink, it’s parents! Nice to have spots like these 🙂 are pubs in England smoke free zones as well?

    • I lived in London for 6 years and the philosophy is different- you’re not bringing your kid to get drunk it’s that going to the pub is part of the culture and the pubs have wised up that people want to bring their kids-it’s social.

  • We were in London over the summer and found that our children were welcomed everywhere. We went to a pub (in mid-afternoon) just outside Paddington Station and the bar maid brought out snacks and special drinks for the kids. She sat and conversed with them briefly and many of the other patrons stopped by our table to say hello. The kids felt like stars!

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