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If You Don’t Want Your Kids To Bake On The Beach, Bring These Pop Up Tents

Our notion of the beach and getting some sun has changed for those of us who remember the 80’s and earlier, when getting a tan was a mark of health and considered attractive. Even die-hards have slowly come around to the need to move towards spray tanning rather than going out all day to bake in the sun. We know too much about the effect it has on the skin.


So what do you do when you love the ocean and being on the beach, but need to protect your skin? Especially parents, who have to go to extra lengths to protect their child from the sun’s rays.

The obvious options are bringing an umbrella, wearing protective swimwear, and using copious amounts of sunblock. We agree with all those things as well, but you do have options beyond the stress of an umbrella that you will need to adjust repeatedly and worry might blow away at a moment’s notice. Here are are choices for keeping you and the kids shady when going to the beach.

Ease of use

Any pop-up tent true to it’s name will expand and “pop up” to readiness as soon as you toss it out of the packaging, and the Keumer Pop Up Tent Beach Cabana is no different. There are lots of pop up tent options available, but we like this one particularly because the structure is stronger than many other pop ups you will find. The Keumer Pop Up weighs five pounds and currently costs $67 on Amazon.


Strength and stability

We like the Wildhorn Sun Escape XL for strength. It is still quite easy to set up, but if the Keumer was structurally sound, this one is not going anywhere. We like it for it’s additional canopy option to provide more shade for you and the kids. It weighs 12,7 pounds and you can find them on Amazon for $99.



Want to make a mark in a fun way? The Olpro Beach Hut is a totally awesome way to do just that. It pops up super quickly, a 2 meter square (more than 6ft square), there is a ton of space for you and the kids to move around in. The material is SPF 30, it weighs about 12 pounds, and you can get it shipped from Great Britain for 69GBP currently (not including shipping costs).


BONUS: Need privacy?

NBD, just use the GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room. Change out of your beach gear, read a book without being bothered. You can get one of these for $28 on Amazon.

So don’t avoid the beach, just take some extra steps for when you get there. Keep your skin and your child’s skin safe in whatever way you can manage, and always have as much fun as humanly possible.


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