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Next month (April 2018):

  1. Travel Hacks for Parents (book)
  2. Almost Fearless Magazine Issue #2 (print version may not reach you until May, depending on where you are in the world)
  3. The Traveling Family Lifestyle Reboot (online course)
  4. Almost Fearless podcast, Season 1, Episodes 1-4

Schedule for 2018 - 2019


Mexico Adventure Guide for Parents
Hawaii Adventure Guide
Costa Rica Adventure Guide
Italy Adventure Guide for Parents
US & Canada National Parks
Japan Adventure Guide for Parents
Turkey Adventure Guide for Parents
Belize Adventure Guide for Parents

How-to Books

Travel Hacks for Parents
Eurovelo Bikecamping Guide for Parents
Getting Started with Worldschooling
Winter Camping, Hidden Cabins & Yurts
Sailing SE Asia with Kids
Raising Adventurous Kids
Galapagos on the Cheap with Kids
Planning Your Pan-American Roadtrip


Build a Thriving Blog
Writing Your Memoir
Creating Your Flexible Online Business
Better Photography for Beginners
Selling with Print on Demand
Learn to Draw and Keep a Sketchbook
Roadschooling Fundamentals
The Traveling Family Lifestyle Reboot
Freedom Bootcamp: How to Make an Income While Traveling
Uplift: 12 Weeks to Massively Grow Your Online Platform
How to Travel for Free
Creating Digital Products
Facebook Ads
& more to come...