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Getting Serious About Our Plastic Habit

We’ve got a problem. There are 8 million metric tons of plastic entering oceans every year. It’s the equivalent of five plastic bags full of trash for every foot of coastline. Yet, the issue has failed to pierce the attention span of most of us, as plastic consumption has steadily increased over the past 50 years. The average European or North American consumes about 220 pounds of plastic per year.


In the past 10 years, there have been over a dozen documentaries on the ways plastic is harming our environment.

This explainer video below sums up the problem succinctly. In short, the plastic that makes our life more convenient, ends up in the ocean, breaks up into tiny particles, gets into the food chain and ends up back on our plates. It’s unsustainable and we have to review how we do packaging, but also retool industrial and agricultural processes that contribute to the problem.

We've got a problem. There are 8 million metric tons of plastic entering oceans every year. Click To Tweet

The real problem: plastic is everywhere

To go plastic-free is to give up modern life. Medicine, computers, plumbing, and electronics and many other necessities, all use plastic in ways that are non-negotiable. However, we can go plastic-lite. In fact, most of our personal contribution comes from the things we buy: food packaging, cleaning supplies, beauty products, clothes and home goods.

Summer Challenge #lessplastic

The biggest thing we can do is give up disposable plastic – those things that are intended for one use then tossed aside.

First things first. if you have plastic things at home, don’t throw them out! Buying more things doesn’t help, but when it comes time to replace plastic items you can make your move.

10 Simple Ways to Dramatically Reduce Your Plastic Habit Click To Tweet

1. Invest in a stainless steel water bottle:

2. Switch to a glass chemix coffee maker:


3. Avoid buying food with excessive packaging… opt for bulk and zero-waste shopping where available:

4. Switch to bamboo tooth brushes:

5. Consider making your own toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, make-up and deodorant:

6. Make your own… popsicles, baked goods, snacks, dried fruit, and not buying individually packed products:

7. Invest in canvas tote bags for shopping:

8. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat seasonally:

9. Switch to all natural cleaners like vinegar, or buy in bulk:

10. Use glass containers for food storage, cloth bags for lunches and bring your own silverware when traveling:

Are you already doing these things? Send us photos of your plastic-lite life via instagram using the hashtag #lessplastic and join us in aiming to reduce our plastic use over the summer!


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  • I so needed this reminder. I think we all do. It’s staggering the damage plastic does to the environment. It’s so convenient and so deadly 🙁

    I love these simple suggestions. I’ve never seen/heard of bamboo toothbrushes before. I need to look into these. I also need to do #7.

    All great tips and a necessary (and stark) reminder for us all..

  • I once went on a plastic detox and its something we should all try! Yes, people will think you are mad and shopping all but stops (except fruit, veg and independent shop-bought produce which comes in paper bags in the UK).
    Genuinely it changes you. Your body will transform and your mind will see how and what to value when the packaging in detrimental to, rather than enhancing of, products’ appeal.
    Be the change you want to see!
    Thanks for the article?

  • It drives me mad when I see someone buy an apple, put it in a plastic bag, walk out of the store, take the apple out of the bag and throw it in the garbage. Eat the apple. What was the point of the plastic bag?

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