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Get Your Children Climbing Early!

Are your children climbing the walls? Give them walls to climb. Problem solving, better focus, stronger bodies, all are benefits to incorporating climbing into your children’s lives.


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The amount of goals you can set yourself is limitless. Setting individual goals and meeting them gives you a great sense of achievement, which in turn can help build everyday self-confidence.” NHS



Climbing requires a lot of problem solving, mental concentration and focus, so it helps sharpen your brain. A lot of people like it as it allows you to escape everyday worries and just focus on the climb.  It also can give a great sense of achievement.” The British Mountaineering Council



Kids acquire all kinds of positive skills. Because climbing requires a combination of creative thinking and physical output, less athletic kids often shine, surprising even themselves. Kids also learn problem solving. Climbing is a puzzle to unlock, sometimes requiring the ability to back off, look at the route anew, and start again.” Portland Family



“I’ve been around the block enough to know that self-discipline and focus are traits inherent in the world’s greatest achievers. Climbing is an excellent way to impart the basics of discipline because it requires focus and discipline to succeed.” -REI



“Rock climbing could be compared to solving a puzzle. You have to think and strategise to come up with creative ways to use your body to solve the puzzle. Kids will train their minds to focus on a challenge and hone their ability to problem solve, while also discovering that taking a few creative risks may elevate them more than they ever could have imagined!” Mouths of Mums



“Growing up can be scary business! Allowing kids to move outside of their comfort zone in a safe and controlled environment will serve to build confidence, promote self esteem, and teach kids that overcoming fear is a healthy part of life.” – California Family Fitness


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