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Finally A Travel-Sized Drone

You’re starting to see them everywhere and there’s a reason for that. Drones are fun, letting you bring your camera above the scene to capture video and photography from positions previously only accessible by helicopter. The only downside? They’re bulky and expensive.


This week DJI put out the SPARK, a mini drone with a body the size of an iphone 5, lightweight, and easier to use.

Youtuber Julien Solomita has a great rundown of the Spark (see below).

– 1080 video (HD)
– facial awareness
– pocket sized
– easy to control
– take it anywhere
– presets that let you get cinematic shots
– control the drone with hand gestures (!!!)

Do you see how small it is? You can get the Spark for $499, a solid price for people who are just starting out but want good results right away. (If you still did not want to drop $500 on your first drone, you could also check out the Parrot Bebop at $249, but we recommend DJI because they make some of the best drones you will find.)

Don’t take our word for it though, Casey Neistat took an early version of the Spark for a test, and the results were super fun.

Can we just talk about the hand gestures thing? You can control the Spark with a remote but it also recognizes your hand movements, so if you’re filming yourself and don’t want to mess with a controller, you can do it. Want to feel like a Jedi master? Check out this Jon Olsson demo where he controls the Spark just by waving his hands around.

If I didn’t already have a DJI Phantom 4 (which I broke, but it’s all fine now), I would absolutely be pining for this tiny drone. It feels like a perfect introduction to capturing memories safely in ways you could never do with your camera alone.

WARNING: If you are traveling with a drone, do the research on whether drones are allowed in the countries you are visiting. Iraq and Syria are hard NO FLY zones throughout the country. I have an acquaintance who could not get their drone out of Morocco as they were leaving the country. Some countries have strict rules regarding drones, so please find out what they are before you leave for your trip so you don’t end up in a situation where you have to ditch it or be fined.


Drew Gilbert

Drew is the Art Director of Almost Fearless Magazine, husband, and a father of three. With his wife Christine, they created the documentary The Wireless Generation. He's pretty sure he wears a baby better than you, not that he's bragging.


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