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That Feeling When You Fund Your Magazine For a Year!

Last weekend we squeaked over our 1,000 subscription goal—a major win for parents who adventure because we now have funding for the next year!

THANK YOU! I have been blown AWAY by the response—and I know everyone says that—but I’ve watched people tag their friends, their partners, their reluctant boyfriends and say LOOK, THIS IS FOR US.

It’s like finding your people. I have been so overwhelmed because that’s why I started this magazine: I didn’t feel like anyone else was speaking to us. Turns out we’re something of a tribe. I keep refreshing Facebook thinking WHOA, THIS IS HAPPENING.


Let’s keep this going! If we hit the 1,500, 2,000 or 2,500 mark our costs for printing go down. We’re able to hire more writers. We can offer you even more unique parent-centered content that isn’t available anywhere else. To that end, we’ve cooked up three new digital bonuses. Check it out:

Budget Travel Hacks for Parents: From Hotels to Airfare, How to Travel Anywhere for Less

There are legit tricks to booking family travel. The booking sites don’t make it easy and unless you want to pay double or often triple for oversized “family suites” you need to massage the system a little. This guide gives you the tips and tricks that family travelers use whether it’s in their own backyard or traveling around the world.

The Complete Guide to Non-Traditional Schooling: Unschooling, Worldschooling, Study Abroad, Wild Schooling, Raising Bilingual Kids, Bush Craft, Adventure / Outdoor Education and more…

There are many ways to approach this from homeschooling to just creatively using your summer vacation. This guide gets you started on the basics of free-form homeschooling that’s child-led and project-driven. Every family has their own priorities so we’ll talk about raising independent kids through unstructured education, outdoor exploration, bilingualism, wilderness training, homesteading, studying overseas and more…

Raising Adventurous Kids: How to Encourage Independence, Curiosity and Fearlessness

How do you get your kids outside and climbing trees in a culture that is conditioning them to not just be risk-averse but risk-afraid? We long for the childhood freedom we enjoyed but how do we raise adventurous kids today? This book takes the real-life experience of super-adventurous families and details how you can incrementally prepare your children for whatever kinds of adventures fit your family – from long-term travel to hiking to mountain biking to a deep love of the outdoors and exploring the world.


These are our stretch goals so we’ll be giving them to ALL subscribers no matter then they signed up. Just one small catch. We have to meet our stretch goals:

We just hit 1,000 so if we make it to 1,500 everyone will get a copy of Budget Travel Hacks for Parents. If we make it to 2,000 then everyone gets the The Complete Non-Traditional Schooling Guide. If we get to 2,500 (omg!) everyone gets a copy of Raising Adventurous Kids. And beyond that? Well, if we make it to 3,000 we will add more bonuses. We send out our first issue the last week of August so don’t wait!

Get your copies (choose the link based on where you want it delivered):


Almost Fearless Magazine Tour:

I’m going to be traveling this fall to teach my Creative Entrepreneur course in six cities. I would love to also host an event in each location where families can meet up, get copies of the magazine, do something fun together for the day! I need your ideas though! I’m not from any of these places, so where should we meet? Here is my workshop schedule:

Sep 9-10: Vancouver. BC
Sep 16-17: San Francisco, CA
Sep 23-24: Denver, CO
Sep 30 – Oct 1: Barcelona, Spain
Oct 14-15: Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 21-22: Sydney, Australia

Ideally, I’d like to do something either Saturday or Sunday that’s outdoor, free and accessible. Please leave a comment if you have ideas and I’ll bring magazines, guidebooks and some fun other stuff as we get to know other adventurous families.

Also I’ll be speaking at the Family Adventure Summit from September 1-3, 2017.


I can’t say this enough – you guys are amazing. We’ve just tucked into Playa del Carmen, Mexico. (See that beach above? Yes, it’s really that gorgeous here.) We’re renting a house and getting into heads-down creating mode. I have my team of editors, writers, photographers, designers and volunteers that are literally all over the world and together we’re building a magazine, a publishing house, a movement. All thanks to you.

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Christine Gilbert

Christine Gilbert is the founder and editor-in-chief of Almost Fearless. She's a long time traveler, expat and adventurer who is finding her way home after nine years on the road. She's one of National Geographic's Travelers of the Year (2014) and author of the book MOTHER TONGUE (2016, Penguin Random House). She has three children: Cole, Stella + Tallulah.


  • In Vancouver, Stanley Park has some reservable shelters for around the $100Cdn mark. The second beach/ceperly site has 4, 15amp, electrical outlets if you needed power. Stanley Park is so easily accessible but in September weather may be a factor so the shelter factor is a good option for a fall back.
    The Vancouver Public library also has some study rooms that are free but only seat 8 people. Very centrally located and accessible by transit.

  • Presidio Park somewhere around Walt Disney Family Museum is nice area in San Francisco! Also Golden Gate park in front of California Academy of Science!

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