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Drew Gilbert, Daddy Blogger (it happened!)

We used to call our abode, where ever we lived, Casa Gilbert, but now our casa has a name, and it’s Beanpot house (the name Casa Ollas de Frijioles came with it, when we rented it). Anyway, right now, life looks like this at Casa Beanpot (click on the image to see the 6 sec video clip):


Stella is at this stage where she’s making lots of faces. And we coo at her. And dance around with her. And sometimes she looks into my eyes and smiles. And it PHYSICALLY HURTS. I love her that much. But also life looks like this too (click to view):

Which may be why our recent house guest said he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to have kids. Now. Because he’s seen too much. (To which we laugh, this mirthless, knowing laugh, that only parents get to make).

I don’t write a lot about our day-to-day parenting experience so I’m really thrilled to announce that my husband Drew is picking up the slack in that regard. He’s finally brushing off the cobwebs on his much neglected blog and re-emerging from the ashes (I think I mixed metaphors there) as a daddy blog. Well sort of. He’s also an illustrator so his art, photography and videos can be found there too. And he has a penchant for moustaches. And extreme sports. But other than that… babies! Babies and Hulk Smash!

Today he drew this:


Obviously there’s a context to this, but I’ll just let you go to his latest post to find out what. Great work Drew, welcome to blogging!

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”



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