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Digital Nomads, Now Available in Print

I’m writing a new column.  It’s about being a Digital Nomad, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Since I gave up corporate life for the live-anywhere, work-from-the-beach, sunblock-as-work-uniform lifestyle, I’ve been bitten by the bug.  When you find something you love, you just want to tell everyone about it.  Now, a new magazine has given me that chance.  Starting this September, I’ll be writing a column for the Indie Travel Podcast Magazine about the Digital Nomad lifestyle.  In fact, the first issue has gone to press and I was lucky to see a preview copy.  Here’s a snapshot of the contents:

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Of course the magazine has something for everyone, beyond the Digital Nomad.  I’ll be joined by Kim Mance, host of, who will be writing about Women’s Travel and Erik Mclaughlin from who will be providing his expertise on Travel Health.

In the September issue you may recognize some of the contributors: Craig and Linda Martin’s writing and photography, Tim Patterson and Ryan Libre have a feature on their time with the Kachin Independence Army in Burma; Ben Cooper writes on tapas in Seville with Debbie Dubrow photos; Lola Akinmade provides a photo essay on Lagos; Kat Calvin explores Angkor Wat and the nightlife of Siem Reap; and Gary Arndt was interviewed about his round-the-world travels.

Check it out, subscribe (~$27 US/year), let me know how you like the first issue.  Thanks!

Christine Gilbert

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