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Hey Creatives!

I’m running a little 30 day workshop, free over at We Create for the month of January to kick off the new year and sort of introduce the new site to the world. It’s daily prompts and lessons designed to help you figure a) what you want to be doing in 2016 and b) how you can best arrange your life to make that happen. If you want to join, it’s totally free, so just register here:

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It’s a fantastic time to be a creator. We have direct access to audiences around the world, it’s inexpensive to start a creative business and there’s a large community that has already blazed the trail. But where do you start? Over the years this is the most common question. You know you have a story in you, but is it a book? A blog? A small craft shop on Etsy? Do you want to take photos? Write? Create things with your hands? Maybe a little of all the above?

In my in-person workshops I often end up acting as a life coach, helping people tap into what is drawing them to a creative field and to hone in on what would bring them the most joy. Yes, joy, pure happy day-dreaming joy, the kind of romantic interlude with our work that we’re all secretly looking for…

This workshop will help you uncover how you want your art to make you feel, how to design a creative-business that works and practical steps to making room for your creative work every day.

Join us for a 30 day journey that will help you find the clarity, focus and spark in your creative work. It’s perfect for beginners or established creatives looking to make a change. With a large community of support you’ll be tapping into the collective wisdom of hundreds of creatives who have all been there. Together, we’ve got this.

I hope to see you there!

Warm Regards,


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PS: Can you do me a favor? Help me get the word out? You can share on FB with this link, or Twitter with this one. Thank you!

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