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Chillin’ on the Beach in Cyprus

After hitting our Kickstarter finish (woohoo! and thank you!) —  just hours later — we boarded a 40 minute flight from Beirut to Cyprus.


We had postponed this trip for the Kickstarter — our visas had run out in Lebanon two weeks earlier, but you can over-stay your Lebanese visa really easily, it’s just a fee and half a day in the Security Generale Office waiting for the right paperwork.  Of course had we know how easy it was then we might not have scheduled a trip to Cyprus at all (they had said we could extend by a few weeks no problem, but really we could have skated by for months, based on what we saw at the Security Generale).  Anyway, just an interesting footnote in the long list of strange country rules, this one being: Lebanon, we don’t care how long you stay.

Drew drank beer and worked on the documentary.  We stayed in a hotel-apartment, a one bedroom with a full kitchen, including a gas-powered stove that will explode into a fireball when you fill it full of gas in your attempts to lit it (ask Drew, he also does this almost daily in our Beirut house).  The only channel on the TV in English was MTV so Drew worked at the desk, enjoying the ocean breeze, listening to the documentary through his headphones and half-watching Pregnant & 16 and Punk’d from his peripheral.

Cole and I spent most of the time on the beach, which mostly walking out to the surf, swimming for about two hours, then leaving the beach again.  Cole doesn’t mess around with this sand castle crap.  He’s in, he swims, he’s outta there.  Gotta respect that.

There are two types of beaches in the area we were in… the touristy beach above and then long stretches of undeveloped coastline.  The tourist beach had better access to the water and once you waded out past the sand bar, the water was clear to the bottom.

It’s good to be a two-year-old.

Mostly we just rested.

Or had little adventures on our bike with a baby seat, driving along the coast until we found something cool to check out.

It’s so rugged compared to the package-tour part of town.

And then we’d nap.  Best visa run ever.

Christine Gilbert

I’ve been dragging my husband around the world since 2008 always with the promise that, “Yes, Drew there will definitely be hammocks there.”


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