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Beyond Auto: A Photography Workshop for Everyone

Want to freeze the action, get water droplets in mid-air? That's shutter speed.
Want to freeze the action, get water droplets in mid-air? That’s shutter speed.

Is it mid-July already? I can’t believe how this summer is flying by… well today is the first day of my new online photography workshop, called Beyond Auto. I was thinking about how to tell you guys about it and I think the best thing is to just give you the first week’s lesson.


Here, go download, free: Week One as a PDF <– this is just the beginning

The actual course is delivered via our member dashboard at We Create and has a private FB group, but this gives you an idea, anyway.


If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that before I got pregnant, I was regularly teaching workshops in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico and San Francisco. I would have these students with me for a full week and every day we’d go out to lunch (gotta love the $10 menu del dia in Spain, omg so good) and everyone would break out their cameras. Thousands of dollars worth of gear being flung around and most, if not all of my students were shooting on AUTO.

This is not uncommon. It’s one of those things that happens because life gets in the way, and it’s easier to buy a camera than it is to learn how to use it. You want to learn, but then you start to try and it’s way too complicated. Sometimes people literally go YEARS only using their camera in auto, unable to change their settings at all. (And I’m talking about bloggers who are actually really great photographers in their own right, even being invited on press trips in part because of their photos – but couldn’t adjust their camera in low light situations – or do anything besides auto).

So I started teaching photography workshops and helping people make that leap from years of using auto only, to completely being comfortable jumping to manual, adjusting their white balance, doing time lapse or night photography or other types of photos that require at least some technical set up.

You can shoot awesome photos in low-light! You can take night photos. You can eliminate motion blur. You can freeze action shots. You can add-in motion blur! You can get that dreamy blurry background on portraits. Yes, you. With your camera. Right now.

And you know what? It totally works. I’ve watched students liberated and inspired once they saw the kinds of photos they could be taking. “Oh, that’s how you do that!” It changes it from being burden to being a joy. And now, I have an online workshop that you can take from anywhere.

This weekend, I’m giving 50% off plus a crazy bundle of 500+ professional Lightroom presets to anyone who signs up with the code PRESETS.

Want to get beyond auto? Ready to see what else your camera can do? Join us:

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