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I don’t know why, but I never take press trips. There’s this whole industry of free travel that I don’t participate in, not because I’m some kind of travel snob, but because usually, I’m off somewhere else or they want me to write things that sound like brochures or I just forgot to RSVP to the invite.

I suck at free travel.

I never, ever write reviews outside of travel, even when they offer to send me stuff, because I AM TRAVELING. You would be shocked to know that most major publishing houses are completely baffled when I suggest they send their review copy in the form of an e-book. An e-book? What’s next, using the “internet” to promote their authors? HEATHEN!

Anyway, I allow advertising on my site for a small number of folks who I think my readers will enjoy, namely:

Authors/writers/photographers/other creatives:

$180/year (that’s $15 mo) for a sidebar ad (limited space available, when they sell out, you’ll have to wait for someone to drop out.)

$25/mo for a sidebar ad

The ad must be 300 x 100 and we can reject any ads. No animation or video. We host the image. We will link to your site directly with either follow or no follow links, we don’t care either way. I understand Google does, so you might want to read up on it, but it’s probably not that big of a deal if you’re not buying ads across hundreds of blogs. The ad is site-wide which means every page that has a side bar (basically everything except the homepage and about page) will feature your ad.

All ads start on the first of the month for my sanity.


$600/year for a sidebar ad (that’s $50/mo). No monthly runs, sorry.

Same rules: 300 x 100, no animation, video and we host the image. Follow or no-follow.

About me:

Almost Fearless has 200,000+ visitors a month and has been featured on Lonely Planet, LA Times, Rough Guides, Esquire, Seattle Times, National Geographic Traveler, and others. Christine Gilbert is writing a memoir for Penguin Random House, the largest publisher in the world, under the Gotham imprint. She raised over $37,000 on Kickstarter for her documentary film, to be seen this fall across the US and has over 45,000 followers on Twitter. She’s one of the top travel bloggers and if you really want to get specific, she’s probably the top family travel blogger who has a super cute husband, lives in Spain with two kids and dyes her hair blonde. Seriously, don’t even try to compete; she’s got it locked down. She also loves olives.


To inquire about advertising email with your questions.

Send me stuff or give me free travel:

I will OF COURSE take your free stuff, assuming you don’t think I will automatically write a glowing review and if it really sucks I won’t even mention it on my blog at all. We’re traveling across Europe this summer. Want to sponsor us? Okay. We’ll check out your place or destination or gear if you want. Maybe. Email with your pitch and if you have to mail something to us, we’ll have to coordinate that carefully as we’re constantly moving.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who supports us, we’re very lucky and fortunate to be able to make art and travel, a fact we often marvel over, because while we put in a lot of hours, it’s been such an amazing ride.

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