Almost Fearless


Christine Gilbert (that’s me) is the author of and has been traveling overseas with her husband Drew Gilbert since 2008. That’s a long time in travel years.

I used to be a corporate manager until I got my dream job in Boston, felt restless, decided I needed a complete life-reboot and jumped at the first idea I had: to become a writer and photographer. So… I bought a camera! I sold our stuff! My husband cheered me on and helped me carry the luggage! At the time, he was a work-at-home graphic designer for a big company, so for a few years we traveled like this, with two dogs, laptops and enough camera gear to make your average TSA agent break into a sweat.

Then we had a baby. (His name is Cole)

Cole at five months. My boobs never looked better.

We kept traveling! Well, without the dogs this time. (The dogs live on a farm in Oregon now, where they are getting really fat.)

One day, we decided to film a documentary about other people who had quit their jobs and decided to work online while traveling. We raised $10,000 through the generous readers of this site to buy the video and audio equipment necessary to create a theatre-ready full length feature film.

Christine & Drew. Our friend took this, we’re not usually this PDA-y.

Three months later, Drew lost his job. We panicked. Hard. It still worked out. Between our joint efforts, we found a way to work on creative projects — writing to photography to video — and get paid for it. While traveling. With a toddler.

We are as surprised as you.

Then what?

We finished filming the documentary and raised $37,000 on Kickstarter for a film tour. We had a second baby.

38 weeks pregnant with Stella.

We biked across Europe with the kids. We were selected as the 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year. I traveled around Turkey with Cole, Stella and a really big rolling suitcase, while Drew did a seven city film tour in the US. I launched an online food and culture magazine with journalist Julie Collazo. Drew and I started a video production company in Mexico and a creative training program online. I finished my book (Avery, 2016). I took some naps. Drew made pitchers of margaritas. Somehow it all worked out.

Cole, Stella and Christine in Romania after biking across Europe.

Where are we doing now?

In 2014, we settled down in Barcelona, declared our travel days over and–typical for us– within a year we hit the road again. We’re currently in Oaxaca, Mexico filming a series about the anthropology of food. Our kids are both attending school en español and we live in a small house perched above the city.

Where we’ve traveled

Not to count countries or anything, but a lot of people ask, so here it is: all the countries we’ve visited. Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

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