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A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

I always over commit myself to goals — instead of saying, “I’m going to walk 30 minutes a day” I decide to train for a half marathon in six weeks.  This year I’m so not doing that, so when I thought, “I should read more books for fun” — because I already read a lot of books, articles and research, but last year I hardly read any books just for the pure pleasure of it — I was soooo tempted to be announce “I’ll read 100 books in 2013”.  I can picture Drew rolling his eyes right now.


Please.  I am not going to read 100 books in 2013.

I am going to read 12.  One book per month, for no good reason other than I think I’ll enjoy it.

I think that’s a completely reasonable and realistic goal.  Want to join me?  I started a little online book club on

Our first book, for January 2013 will be WILD by Cheryl Strayed.  I’m only picking books that are also available as ebooks, because if you’re like me, that’s pretty much a deal breaker.

To sign up, just start a account (you can use Facebook as a login, if you want), join the group, say ‘hi’ in the introductions (if you’re so inspired) and then read Wild sometime between now and the end of the month.  We’ll be discussing the book in the forum (here) and you can post your thoughts, respond to other posters or ask questions at any time.  I’ll be the moderator (basically deleting any potential Viagra spam) and if there’s enough interest we could do a little video or google chat or google hangout at the end of the month to celebrate and discuss this book.  You can lurk, participate, or just read the book on your own, but signing up does give you a once-a-month reminder about what book is up next.

Have an idea for future books?  We’re taking suggestions here or add a book to the “to-read book shelf” or leave a comment below.  Also, Cheryl Strayed doesn’t do author appearances (I checked, she’s like, um, probably getting a lot of requests after her Oprah Book Club selection) but I will be checking with future book titles, so if I can arrange that, I will.

One book a month, that’s like reading about 5-10 pages a day.  We can do this!  Why? Because it’s fun.  Low pressure.  Super easy.  And it’ll make us happier.  And slightly taller.  (Okay that last one’s a lie.)

It’s free/easy/fun to sign up here:

Almost Fearless: Monthly Travel Book Club


PS Can you tell I’m excited?  Yay for books!  Yay for travel!  Yay for realistic and fun personal goals!

PPS Because some people will wonder, no I don’t get anything out of this, no use of the Goodreads yacht, no lucrative Cheryl Strayed spokesperson contract. I’m still waiting on word from Oprah’s people, but until she budges on the personal masseuse rider, I’m not signing anything.




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