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67 Travel Friendly Jobs to Consider: Day 20 of 30d30w

This post is part of 30 Ways in 30 days to Redesign Your Life and Travel the World. This series seeks to give you the practical, real world steps you need to take to get from wherever you are, to exactly where you want to be– traveling the world and living the lifestyle you want.


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I’m sure there are 1,000 different jobs you can do overseas, but here are 67 just to illustrate how varied the options are.  If you’re struggling to find a way to make money while you travel, perhaps one of these offbeat stories will give you a new angle.  Most of these are first hand accounts, others are links to job boards you might not have considered and a few are how-to articles.

  1. “I have an incredible job”.  Be like this guy.
  2. Work in the Foreign Service.
  3. Take your US based strategic communications job on the road
  4. Work as a Theatre Tech.
  5. Get a job in Hong Kong from the job boards.
  6. Find a paid internship in IT in India.
  7. Act your way across Europe.
  8. See Antarctica up close with the many job opportunities.
  9. Find jobs across Asia at the PacificBridge
  10. Become a wildlife biologist
  11. Turn your full time job into freelance
  12. Help on a farm.
  13. Teach English.
  14. Make money with your blog and showing other people how to do it.
  15. Find  jobs online in Thailand
  16. Guide Bicycle Tours.
  17. Work in an Eco-lodge.
  18. Start up a business in Hong Kong.  Or in Japan for that matter.
  19. Become a Diver Instructor
  20. Search for jobs in Malaysia
  21. Join the legions of IT professionals working remotely and become an IT consultant.
  22. Beyond teaching English… use your English skills to land other customer facing work.
  23. Be like Rolf: become a Travel Writer.
  24. Get a pub job.
  25. Work in a Ski Resort.
  26. Join the bon fire and work at campsites worldwide.
  27. Managing Editor of an online travel network slash guidebook writer slash translator slash…. well you get the idea.
  28. Be a nurse overseas. Go to nursing schools in PA or more local and go explore.
  29. Become a geologist.
  30. Work in a hotel in the UK
  31. Find jobs from house-sitting to farm hand at
  32. Help businesses and writers polish their prose as a freelance copy editor
  33. Start your own import/export business
  34. Be a bar hostess in Japan
  35. Snap up an IT job in Europe.
  36. Take care of little ones anywhere in the world: become an Au Pair.
  37. Help individuals and small business get off the ground in developing countries by working in Microfinance.
  38. Work in New Zealand wineries.
  39. Get a job on an Alaskan Fishing boat.
  40. Check out jobs in Singapore
  41. Sell your photographs to glossy magazines like Vogue
  42. Take your corporate job abroad
  43. Get your hands dirty and work on a farm in Tuscany.
  44. Write what you love and become a freelance writer
  45. Fund your travels by playing online poker.
  46. Chicken Sexer, Bollywood Extra, and 18 more weird travel jobs
  47. Do what you love and teach others how to, too.
  48. Search the online classifieds for jobs in Japan
  49. Put your design skills to work and be a long distance Art Director
  50. Be an english language radio announcer.
  51. Search the Gajin Pot for even more jobs in Japan
  52. Become a Backpack Filmmaker
  53. Become a local, then find opportunities like voice over work, corporate English gigs and more.
  54. Search the online listings for jobs in Korea
  55. Be an on-the-ground journalist as freelance foreign correspondent.
  56. Become a company’s Twitter Guru
  57. Play the market and sell stocks
  58. Search the online listings in India
  59. Become a bush pilot.
  60. Take photography to the next level and become a freelance photographer.
  61. Be a nurse overseas.
  62. See the world from the open sea: find work on a sailboat.
  63. Travel port-to-port as you crew Cruise Ships.
  64. Show tourists the sites in Rome as a Tour Guide.
  65. Check out the job listings from the Maldives
  66. Become a professional freelance web designer
  67. Search the job boards on
  68. Learn how to become a freelance translator

Are there more?  Absolutely.  If you think of another, please leave the link in the comments.

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