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11 Things to Squeeze in Before Summer Ends

The bittersweet last days of summer are upon us and with the start of the school year and the fall season come a myriad of tasks and to-do lists. While the temperatures are still high and the weekdays are (relatively) free, be sure the make the most of these final summer days! Almost Fearless has compiled a list of sweet summer fun to inspire you to make the days count with the whole family:

  1.     Go berry picking

Depending on where you live, you can pick a variety of berries that ripen in the summertime, from blueberries to boysenberries. Picking season is drawing to a close, so check now for local farms that offer “you-pick” berries – they’re cheaper and you can make a whole outing out of it! Some of my sweetest childhood memories are going with my family every summer to pick blueberries. It quickly becomes a treasured tradition!

* Nota bene: Pick the berries far away from the main establishment – there will be more berries because few people want to venture out very far!

  1.     Go fishing

Fishing is a great way to catch up on some quality time with your fellow fishermen, whether it be your kids, your spouse, your siblings, your parents, or your dear friends.. Whether on a boat or lakeside, fishing is a great way to slow down before the rush of the next season hits.

*Nota bene: Do not fish without the proper license!

  1.     Go hiking

Hiking is always a classic summer activity. Try a new spot or if you live on acreage, take your family out for a walk to explore.

*Nota bene: Try to hike to a spot to see the sunset to catch the cooler temperatures!

  1.     Get crafty

Summer is a stellar time for a ‘bigger-than-normal’ undertaking. Set aside some time in these concluding days to get creative before settling into some of the crazy monotony that comes with the school year. You could scrapbook some of your most exciting adventures this summer, journal so you can process and remember the happenings of this season, knit a scarf for the upcoming chilly weather, cross-stitch a new home decoration, or even spice up your home a bit. Rearrange your furniture, finish that home project that has been sitting in your garage for so long, or even just clean your house to be ready for a new season.

*Nota bene: If you want to make a family scrapbook, have each member of the family create a few pages each – have the kids choose their favorite activities and let them have full rein of those pages!

  1.     Go clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting, for many, is an extremely enjoyable pastime, especially during these late summer nights. Grab some friends, have a cookout, and top off the evening by perfecting your aim just as the sun is setting, the fireflies come out, and loved ones are laughing.

*Nota bene: If you’ve never done it before, be sure to be with someone who is familiar with the  proper safety techniques and knows what they’re doing!

  1.     Picnic in botanical garden

Seize a free day and pack a simple, portable lunch for you and some friends or family and take a trip to your local botanical garden. You may be surprised at how many nearby options you can find and they provide beautiful arrays of natural wonder perfect for a picnic lunch.

*Nota bene: Bring bug spray! Most botanical gardens have picnic tables, but a picnic in the grass is extra appealing, as long as you’re ready to battle the mosquitos!

  1.     Go to a concert

Grab some friends and go to that concert you’ve always wanted to attend. See a big name singer or even head down to a local pub or venue that has local bands perform on the weekends. If you opt for the local option, it’s also a pleasant way to get involved with your community. Venues are usually outside, so you can enjoy a sweet summer night serenaded by some stellar musicians.

*Nota bene: If you’d like to see a more popular artist, arrange for you and some friends to book now for next summer!

  1.     Get wet!

Before you know it, the water will be freezing cold, so take the chance to dive right into some water-related fun. Go on a day-long float trip with canoes or tubes, go kayaking on a nearby lake, or get fancy and book a last-minute white water rafting extravaganza! Or, if you live close enough to the beach, take a quick trip down to a shore and squeeze in some final rays of sun and enjoy the waves.

*Nota bene: This is also a great time to buy swimsuits! Get new suits for your final hurrah or stock up for next season to save some money and strife of last minute searching next summer!

  1.     Read

Read something! Time will get away from you before you know it, so settle down, nestle into your favorite cozy spot, sip some sweet iced tea, and read. Read a novel. Read a short story. Read a magazine. Exercise your mind while relaxing with the calm of reading. If you’re not sure what to read, search the title of a book you’ve enjoyed on

*Nota bene: May we suggest some reading material… 

  1.  Go to your local fair

Many states are hosting state and local fairs in the coming weeks and they provide all sorts of family fun. There are rides, animals, and some of the most random things you could imagine (I recently went to a Missouri fair in which I watched a log rolling competition!). Both children and parents can have a full, fun day at the fair.

*Nota bene: Bring snacks, as fair food can be a little pricey!

  1.  Host loved ones

Before a plethora of other commitments come around, invite some dear family friends over for a meal together. You don’t have to deep clean your house; just invite some people you’re comfortable with and savor a summer evening enjoying each other’s company.

*Nota bene: Have them bring dessert!


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