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Workshop: Build Your Online Business Around Your Creative Goals

I’m thrilled to finally announce I’ll be coming out to six different cities this fall to teach my Creative Entrepreneur workshop. Will I be near you? Let’s meet up! Here are my dates and locations:

Sep 9-10: Vancouver. BC

Sep 16-17: San Francisco, CA

Sep 23-24: Denver, CO

Sep 30 – Oct 1: Barcelona, Spain

Oct 14-15: Bangkok, Thailand

Oct 21-22: Sydney, Australia

About the workshops

I’ve been teaching creatives how to blog and build their business since 2011 and here’s what I know: you can do this the wrong way. Most people are scared of failing, but there’s a worse outcome: being wildly successful at putting yourself on a never-ending treadmill. In fact, it’s the path I see many new bloggers fall into, and it leads straight to burnout and quitting.

There is a better way. We borrow some sage advice from MBA programs, combine it with the tools and tricks available, and build a business plan that’s flexible, wise, practical and drives growth.

In this two-day workshop, I teach my technique, ply you with materials and coach you through the specifics of your plan. You walk out with not just a life-changing shift in perspective on how to run a creative business, but also step-by-step action items and the materials you need to implement it. Clarity. Purpose. Action.

It’s a fog-busting weekend that will clear out the confusion about “what works” and “where to start”. I’m going to pull you over to the other side, to show you what I see as someone who has been where you are now, and made it through.


If you sign up before June 12th, I’m giving students access to my 13-week online course Building a Thriving Blog (or if you’re already a member you can join 1000 Subscribers in 100 Days).

Is working remotely the future?

I have three young kids and one day (sooner than I realize) they’ll have to decide about college, career paths, and how to make their way in this new economy. Right now, I feel like creative jobs are pretty safe. I’m not so sure anymore about jobs I used to think were safe, like working as a financial analyst or being a corporate manager.

Then I see headlines like this:


When I quit my job in 2008 to travel and write, it was a novel concept. People wondered if this “trend” had legs. I filmed a documentary about people who “worked online”. Now it’s just part of our lives. Last year 24% of people did some or all their work from home. I’m so thankful that I left my job in software because one thing that can never be automated? Creativity.

Are you thinking about working online? Starting a creative career?

I say this every year, but every year it continues to be true: this is the best time to be a creative. I was listening to a seminar at Stanford and the publisher of National Geographic was talking about ebooks. He was talking about digital content. It’s fascinating to me, as a long-time blogger, to hear a major media outlet talk about these things as the future, as a way to build a business model that can handle dips in the economy precisely because it’s all things bloggers have been doing forever. We paved the way.

The workshop space in Denver. It’s a green coworking suite.

Jump on in, the water’s fine

These dates will fill up fast, as I’m keeping each group small. My husband will be there with our kids, so we’ll have play dates and meet-ups for the families with kids – kind of like a mini Almost Fearless convention. (We’ll have a private group on FB so everyone can connect before the workshop.)

Sep 9-10: Vancouver. BC

Sep 16-17: San Francisco, CA

Sep 23-24: Denver, CO

Sep 30 – Oct 1: Barcelona, Spain

Oct 14-15: Bangkok, Thailand

Oct 21-22: Sydney, Australia


Christine Gilbert

Christine Gilbert is the founder and editor-in-chief of Almost Fearless. She's a long time traveler, expat and adventurer who is finding her way home to Colorado after nine years on the road. She's one of National Geographic's Travelers of the Year (2014) and author of the book MOTHER TONGUE (2016, Penguin Random House). She has three children: Cole, Stella + Tallulah.


  • Hi Christine, I’m trying to click into your Barcelona location but the link isn’t working – tried for Sydney and SF too.. Is it a dead link or already booked up? Thanks! Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, can you check the links again? They are working on my end. Sometimes the service we use (Ontraport) goes down for small bits of time, especially on Tuesdays. Whatever was holding it up seems to be working now.

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